Christmas Day

Haha. Torture.....

Black sleeveless ruffly shirt - Loft $9
Green V-neck Sweater - Loft $15
Red Flower - Newport News $8
And I wore jeans that you cannot see. :-)


  1. Wow! Someone was VERY good this year! Your daughter is a beauty and I wish I had her T shirt :)

  2. Wow!Those are a lot of gifts!
    Can you adopt me to be your little sister please?

  3. Ha! That does look a little out of control eh? There were ALOT of people there to share the opening of gifts - 17 of us to be exact!! :-)

  4. Go Team Edward!

    I love your red flower with the teal and black. So pretty and Christmas-y. I love the hat you wore to the Tea on the 23rd!

    I thought that was a lot of presents till I read that there were 17 people opening. That's a lot of people!

  5. Gina - you would be in company at the family house! almost everyone has passed around the Twilight series and the Harry Potter series. :-) And thanks for the notes about the clothes!!


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