12 DAys of Dooney - Day 8: Another "meh" deal

Today's Deal is a free wristlet with purchase of certain bags. Yesterday's was much better. :-)

Linky to the Dooney site. I think this will certainly give their site a much needed breather! :-)


  1. I love that Scottie print. There's actually been a small bag with that print at the resale shop I frequent for the past few weeks, but I think someone finally snatched it up last weeked. $85 is still more than I want to spend on a purse, let alone a printed one.

    I haven't looked at the site yet, but I saw that Talbots has a sneak peek of their spring stuff. Yay!

  2. Its cute isn't it? Not $300 cute, but cute nonetheless. ;-)

    Yes! I got the Sneak Peak catalog in today's mail! Although some of the Winter markdowns are super good too!


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