OOTD - 11.30.09 - Make it Work Week

This week, I am trying to wear some things that have been languishing all alone, unworn in my closet. I was inspired by Debye over at Modestly Me, great blog BTW!

So, if more days than not are a hot mess this week, please forgive me in advance LOL! There may be a reason that the items have been on hangers and not me. :-) At any rate, we are taking a page from the book of Tim Gunn...

Today, I was determined to make this work:

So, I wore this:

Red Sweater - Newport News $14 (with coupon codes)
Pants - Very very old pants from Express $??
Shoes - Chadwicks $11 (on sale + coupon code)
Scarf - The Gap - $13 (on sale +coupon codes)

Whats the problem with the scarf?
Its a little stiff and bulky. Its a wool and rayon blend, so I expected it to be a much softer hand - like one of those acrylic pashminas. But, its not...so its a little tricky to manage.

Did my solution work?
Maybe. Its probably the only way I could wear it due to the length and thickness.

Will it make another appearance?
The magic eight ball says: All signs point to yes. Well. That's interesting. I guess so!


  1. It's a beautiful scarf and your picked a great color palette to wear with it!

  2. I love your posts because you think the way I do - I pick one item I really want to wear and try to construct an outfit around it!

  3. Love the print of the scarf! I think you made it work really well for you!

  4. i think you did a great job styling your outfit around that gorgeous scarf. it's a winner, so i hope you keep it.

  5. I love that scarf on you! I would not have realized it was stiff just looking at it on you.

  6. Kyla - Thanks!

    Kelly - I get way too overwhelmed otherwise LOL. My husband will find me sitting on the floor of the closet surrounded in clothes!

    Watergirl - Thank you!

    Patina - Thanks, I am sure I will keep it - it won't hurt to keep it around.

    Kristen - Thanks - I though for sure from the onine pic it was going to be. :-/

  7. The scarf is beautiful and I think you did great with it.It might feel but it doesn't look stif.I vote definetly for it's return.


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