OOTD - 11.24.09

My daughter and I have been trying to learn how to use the camera she received last Xmas. We have been able to adjust the settings to get GREAT closeup pictures....

But, when we try and remove the closeup settings for a regular picture, we either get the 3-D effect from yesterday...or as below - the faded/ blurred look LOL. Guess I will still be reading the manual some more tonight...

so sorry!!! we are working on it LOL

The stuff:
Sweater - Talbots $32 - currently $29.25
Lightweight Cords - Talbots $27
Brown T-shirt - Loft $3.50
Necklace - Chain by Judith Ripka for QVC, Pendant by Anthony Nak for QVC


  1. That sweater is beautiful! Keeping playing with the camera. You'll figure it out - and practice makes perfect!

  2. i love your use of color in your outfit today. tell your little fashionista that she's doing a great job. i've had my camera for 2 years and still can't figure it out lol. have a wonderful and blessed thanksgiving.

  3. I love that rosette cardi - gorgeous!

  4. Oh that cardigan, too bad about the bluriness - I struggle with that too! I use the flash much more than I should and it helps.

  5. Those colors go great togheter. Womder why I never tried it.I hate to read manuals from machines, always leave that to hubby ;)
    Happy thanksgiving!

  6. Kyla - Thank you! My camera is super easy, just point and shoot. Hers is all picky LOL. We just keep working on it.

    Patina - THank you, we will keep at it.

    Diana- Thank you!!

    Eyeliah - I think figuring out the flash is going to be key - thank you!

    Nurmisur - I think the colors would look great on you! I hate manual too LOL!

  7. Ooooh, pretty flower detail!

    Keep trying new things with the camera. One trick I learned is if you press the button halfway it allows the lens to focus. Then press it again to take the photo. This is helpful to do between taking close-up and far-away shots.

  8. It has earned many accolades from people.I am thinking to open a fan page on facebook for this wonderful thing.


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