OOTD - 11.23.09

Today, I wanted to wear this:

So, I wore this:

But, I haz a sad because the pictures did not come out at all. :-(
Based on the blurry edges, I suspect this pic might be 3d, should you have a pair of 3d glasses handy.

The Stuff:

Black Chiffon Trim Sweater - Loft $28
Blue Top - Loft $10
Pants = Limited $17
Shoes - Chadwicks $11.50


  1. Love the details of the cardi...so pretty!

  2. Ha, ha.....it does remind me of a 3-D shot! I have that cardi too, love it but I didn't get the $28 deal like you!

  3. i love that cardigan!!!!! ok, how many cardigans do you own??? have you ever counted?? being a tee, cardi and jeans girl myseelf, i know i don't have room to talk :-)

  4. Water girl - thanks!

    Debye - Its a GREAT cardigan. I was initially attracted to the purple, but by the time it was the right price, only the black remained.

    Patina - Thank you! Is that a trick question LOL! I have never thought to count them before. And since my closet is color coordinated - the cardigans aren't next to each other - they would probably take up quite a bit of the rack!

  5. bianca-i'm jealous of your organizational skills. i have been trying to color coordinate my closet for years, but i just keep tossing everything haphazardly back in there once i finish wearing something. :-(

  6. No 3d glasses available :) but I think the colors look great in the outfit.


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