OOTD - 11.19.09 Matchy-matchy day!

Today I wanted to wear these:

So, I wore this:
1,000 humble pardons for the Blackberry Photo. (and yay to daughter for getting the whole body in a single pic!! )

Sweater - Talbots $13.00
Skirt - Chadwicks $15.00
Tights - Kmart $6
Ruffle Polo (Which you can imagine better than see)- Target $6.50
Shoes - Type Z via 6pm $15.95


  1. Those heels are divine!!! I like matchy matchy outfits too ;)

  2. Ooooh, love the raspberry cardi! Cute shoes too!

  3. I love your cardi! The color is so vibrant (and even in a blackberry photo!)

  4. yay, to your little photographer/fashionista. she's getting really good at it. *applause, applause*. I am crazy about your shoes! i think you pulled your whole look together and you don't look matchy, matchy at all...i would say you look beautiful and elegant. those shoes are hawt!!!

  5. Eye - thanks! ;-)And i have never seen you in anything matchy-matchy lol!

    Watergirl - Thank you!

    K - LOL - yes that speaks volumes doesn't it?

    Kyla - TY!

    Patina - I know - she is doing really good. Thanks for the compliments. These shoes were love at first sight for me LOL!

  6. I love your look! Those cute shoes are such a great addition to your outfit

  7. Gina, Kristen and Miss - THANK YOU!! :-)


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