OOTD - 11.12.09 - Soo cold and soo rainy!

A little uninspired, but I have been cold to the bones!

The Stuff:

Sweater - Loft $19
Tshirt - Loft $6
Pants - Cato $15
Necklace - Ebay via seller mytag $4
Shoes - Chadwicks $11.50
Amethyst Bracelet - QVC


  1. oh, i know how you feel. i have been a little uninspired myself lately. you look great. i loveee your jewelry

  2. Rainy stormy colors.

    That blue bag I got isn't acutally my usual style. I am a tote or cross-body bag person! I'm branching out a bit.

    The orange bookshelves are at my boyfriend's house. I actually have almost identical bookshelves in a dark, dark wood! From IKEA, the Expedit style. IKEA's quality can be hit or miss, but I've been happy with mine. Nice and sturdy and not too expensive ($100).

  3. Rain makes it a little bit tougher to get ready in the mornings. But you look great! I love the jewelry. The necklace was a steal!

  4. Sorry to hear that the rain got to you. But you look great and that necklce is beautiful.

  5. It's rather cold and rainy here, too! I'm not ready for it to be so icky.

    I love your beautiful necklace - it makes a great statement on you.

  6. Patina - thank you! good to see you. :-)

    Gina - Oh cool! I think I have seen those before - of course there is no IKEA within miles of here. ;-P Well, something for my wishlist! I still that the bag is super cute. :0)

    K - yes, the rain. ugh I do love my cheapo ebay jewels though.

    Nurmisur - THank you!!

    Kari - I think the statement its making is : Please don't look at my shlumpy rain outfit - just look into the beads... LOL!!


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