OOTD - 11.11.09

I think we may have taken all the pics on the "closeup" setting tonight LOL. Well, she is learning all about how not to take pictures from her mother LOL!

The Stuff:
"Kidney Bean" Silk tie blouse - Banana Republic $5 ($15 off any order stacked with a free ship coupon)
Cardigan - Loft Outlet $15 (its old - usually worn as lounge wear, but the shape worked today so it saw the outside world)
Pants - Limited $17
Shoes - Shoe Trader Liquidation $10
Necklace - Ebay seller mytag $4

Here is a closeup of the bow...

And the necklace! :-)


  1. That silk tie blouse is beautiful.
    Tha cardigan looks nice. It's interesting how we keep some items for lounge wear for some reason.That one looks like a nice cardigan, why doesn't it usually see the sun outside?

  2. Wow thats a very pretty blouse! $5 bucks is such an awesome deal! You look fabulous girl

  3. Awesome blouse and necklaces!
    Your daughter is getting to be quite the photographer - better and better every day. (How old is she?)

  4. LOVE that blouse. I didn't realize it came in other colors besides the b&w stripes.

  5. hello beautiful! This shirt is great! I love the big drapeiness and that bow...ugh! I want one! LOL Seriously, you look great!

  6. Suburban - Thank you!

    Nurmisur - No idea why? I think its so comfy that I just lounge in it!!Hehe

    MissMasala - Yes! Loved the price!

    Kari - Thanks! She is 12, so not so little :-)

    Kristen - Me too! :-) It was in this color, teal and black. Maybe still some of the colors in stores?

    Eednic - THanks!

    K - Thank you!! It really is a nice shirt. :-)You should see if they have any left in stores!!

  7. Great blouse! I love how it ties on the side and the tie has the texture on the edges. Pretty necklace. What a deal! I like the color of the shoes.

    Compliments to your daughter on the close up pictures. Nice details.


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