OOTD 11.09.09

Hello everyone! It is great to be back...I really missed my daily routine here. Right now, I am actually sitting here watching my Denver Broncos. Its great to see them on TV, since I live so far, I rarely get to see a game. Its also great to see them in such good playing condition - its like the Broncos of the late 90s. :-)

Ya'll may have noticed I was gone last week - I went to Minneapolis, MN in search of the FDL t-shirt from JCrew (which you can see modeled here by the lovely Patina). Ok, really I was there on business, but had a side mission. Sadly, I came home completely empty handed. My shirt was all sold out, and nothing else really struck my fancy after that. I did not buy a single thing - except a fancy Minnesota shot glass for hubby and one of those clicky pens with all the colored ink for my daughter. Oh, and I did eat at a fab steak place called Pittsburgh Blue which had one of the best Key Lime Pies I have ever had. And I lived in Florida for many years.

At any rate, I am glad to be home! On to the stuff!!

Black Jacket - QVC $29
Blue Top - Loft $20 (I have seen these in stores on the $4.88 rack..yes I did get another color. Ahem all the colors)
Grey Herringbone Pants - Talbot's $20
Grey Flats - RSVP via 6pm $10
Necklace - Silpada


  1. Sorry to hear that you returned empty-handed, but I'm glad that you had a good trip and made it back safely.

    That top is just perfect for you. Hey, if you find one that fits and flatters so well, why not make it your default tee/knit shirt? :)

  2. That jacket sits perfectly on you, very flattering. LOFT had several perfect tees this fall, you were smart to scoop them up when you had the chance!

  3. hi there! i'm new to your blog! i'm short and curvy too! i love the flats you are wearing, and that blue shirt is very stunning.

  4. Bummer you didn't find stuff on your trip - I hate when that happens!

    Love the top - and I love that you bought it in all the colors. When you find something you like you have to do that!

  5. It's always good to have a secret agenda and I'm sorry that you didn't find what you were looking for.
    Love the top and for that price you made an excelent choise buying all the colors.

  6. Welcome back! Love the blue top...I might have to pop by ATL and see if they have any left! :)

  7. Kari - thank you, and honestly for $3 after the discount, I don't feel too bad about it either LOL!

    Kristen - well, I think you and I both know there is an issue over there at the Loft, and its that too much stuff is cute this season! they are bringing classy back 4 real (ha!). I was worried for awhile there, but they have come strong lately!

    Eednic - Welcome, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! I appreciate it very much!

    Goober - it was quite a bummer, but its all good. :-)

    Nurmisur - Yeah, it was a good trip anyways. :-) There was a another shirt I did the same thing with...but don't tell anyone ok? LOL

    Watergirl - Thank you!! Be sure and check it out, there were about 4-5 styles of cute tees all marked down between $4.88-$6.88, I grabbed them during the additional 40% off sale too!


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