Me Love

I think I love this. Alot. But its $

Colleen Lopez Four Flower Crystal Necklace

Has anyone seen anything like this out there, but cheaper?


  1. That is so pretty!
    You should check out banana republic jewelery that came out for the holiday season. There are so many similar styled beautiful pieces and I think they have a promo right now

  2. yes, i was going to suggest Br, also. They have gorgeous jewelry. Unfortunately, Ann Taylor and Talbots all have wonderful statement jewelry, but the prices are very high. Oh, and don't forget Macy's. You can always count on them to have a coupon or promotion now that we are entering the holiday season.

  3. So pretty!! Forever 21 has some pretty flower necklaces right now....

  4. How about-

  5. Miss - thank you, I will check it out with the 30% off :-)

    Patina - Ya know, I don't mind spending $100 for a precious metal, like silver or a gemstone, but I just have to draw the line when its plastic and lead LOL! Ugh. ;-) I will check Macys

    Fell - thank you I will def check them out.

    TM - Oh my goodness...sooooooo close to what I want. If it were silver, It would already be mine. Thank you for pointing me that way, I found a few other things I need from there and for some reason never woulda thought of it! ;-)


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