Coupon Round-Up

Here are the newest coupons/sales I might use:

ATLoft - Cords are $25. I actually LOVE wearing corduroys - its a nice change from jeans and khakis. Also, some sweaters are $29.50 down from $59.50. If you get the 20% off coupons in the mail, these items qualify to be used in combination - as long as its not a permanent markdown, its good.

JCrew has 20% off sale items with code EXTRA20, and $150+ gets free shipping.

Victoria's Secret
has 20% off one clothing item (CLOTH20), should you purchase a sweater with that grab a free lip gloss set with code FREERUSH. If you picked up $50 in items, get free shipping with FA919477.

Chadwicks - Buy one item, get one free with code

Limited 30% off your entire order with code 678

JJill - extra 30% off outlet items. Some very nice sweaters etc.


  1. Ooh, I have been itching for some cords lately. I might have to take up Loft's offer.

  2. It was a good deal for real! I will have to check you blog to see if you ended up with a pair. :-)


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