Badgley Mischka for HSN debuts

American Glamour, the Badgley Mischka line has popped up online. I am not sure what the first airing date is, but they have several items up for preview.

Interestingly, the jewelry is about half price of their line in Nordstrom's, but their handbags are roughly the same. I guess the jewelry is done cheaper through HSN factories, but maybe the bags are still their own. Either way, I think there will be many people out there that will like the new line.

American Glamour

Here is a quick comparison:

Charm Bracelet Watch Below: American Glamour line $120.00 ("Goldtone"..also in silvertone)

Below Bracelet Watch - Badgley Mischka Line $250.00 @ Nordstroms (gold plated brass):

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