Treasure Hunt Alert - Kmart / Sears Clearance $1.99+

Many basics on the Sears / Kmart site on clearance in the $1.99 - $2.99 range, and many more under $5. Tees, Tanks, also lots of shorts and capris, if looking to hang onto some cheap goods for next year. Or an upcoming cruise.

Women's Clearance

Juniors starts at .99 and 300 items under $5

Juniors Clearance

Here are a few random things I found while clicking for a few minutes. Basics to mix with your better pieces...

Random Items Under $2.99


  1. Such a savvy shopper! I love it when you post these sales :) Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  2. That floral edged top is very cool but so is the rest, crazy deals!

  3. Haha! Glad someone else is amused by them. Sometimes its just silly. $1.99....really? LOL!


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