Sick of Cheap Shoes Yet?

If you feel like mosying into a Payless store tomorrow, you can get 50% off your purchase.

You can either use this printable coupon:


or have it texted to you - text OPRAHSHOW to 242424.

The coupon specifically says all is game, even Siriano. Why Payless wanted to team with Oprah, I dunno (shrug). :-)

Here is the original article, which doesn't provide much further insight.LOL

Happy Hunting!


  1. Sweet! Thank you for the coupon

  2. Yeah for cheap shoes!!!

    I'm so glad you'll be doing consignment shopping in ATL!! We really do have some great stores!! If you have any questions let me know!

  3. NP miss

    Fell - I will - thank you, the consignment store website and blog have been super helpful already!


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