RSVP Shoes - $9.95 at

You know the deal. RSVP shoes are $9.95, flat rate shipping is $6.95. Might be good for some shoe therapy without doing a lot of damage to the pocketbook. Sizes are limited, I recommend searching for your size and width first.

I usually grab a couple of pairs when its RSVP - I have found the shoes to be sized well, and pretty decent quality, considering the price. Happy Hunting!!

Here are some of the offerings:


  1. So cheap! I may need to break my "student all time shopping ban" for a pair... love it!

  2. I am going to need a new shoe rack! Thanks for the info. I just ordered 3 pair.

  3. I know....I may or may not have added 6 new pairs of shoes to my collection in the last few days....(ahem)


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