Outfit of the Cold! 10.05.09

Yes, my day was as rough as I look LOL! And it was cold. Like 60 all day. Man I am going to have to get a little more warm blooded than this! LOL Tomorrow is supposed to be low of 48 and high of 81...umm how do you dress for that? LOL!!

The Stuff:
Sweater - My old job (uniform company) $7
Red Vest - Ashworth $20
Pants - Limited $17
Shoes - Aerosoles
Chain - QVC


  1. Sorry to hear that it was a rough day! I hope you are able to stay nice and warm.

    I guess I'd dress in lots of layers - those are very extreme temperatures!

  2. It's all about the layers. Fall in DC is like that too.

  3. Yes, I will def have to figure out some layers. I usually put things together with the plan that it will all stay on, but I guess to I need to plan to removal now :-)

    I actually lived in DC for all of 8 months - it was when the sniper was terrorizing the city. I remember dreading to turn on the news each morning/evening. And when the G8 summit riots were going on. I must have put a mental block on the weather. I did like it there a whole lot though.

  4. me likey. i love this look and have a couple of vests from lands end in this same style. what helps me is keeping my neck warm with scarves....it does help. have you tried it??

  5. I hope you were able to rest after such a day.
    I like the outift you're wearing.Dressing for Fall can sometimes be challenging,and I don't have any advice besides Layer.

  6. Layers yes layers ;) It was pouring this morning and now a few hours later it's sunny here. I dread winter also. But you look lovely in your red sweater vest, ready to take on the cold.

  7. patina - sounds like a good reason to go shopping! I will have to get one.

    Nurismur thank you. Today was much better.

    Sher the weather is not cooperating anywhere I guess :-)


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