OOTD - More Fall

The Stuff:
Sweater - Loft $14.50
Pants - Talbots $20.00
White Shirt - Talbots $24.00


  1. Very nice! Is that sweater the new banded one they just had on sale? I bought one, and I have a white button-down I've been wanting to wear...I think you've just inspired an outfit for me for next week!

  2. now that fall is here, everyone's having a cardi party and gingersnap calls it. you know every since she did that post, i keep hearing "don't be tardy for the party" from the atlanta housewives lol. I know, I know...yes, i love that show. love your sweater. the color is gorgeous.

  3. Nice pants! I love the color of the pants and sweater together especially.

    What's the secret to wearing a button down under a sweater comfortably? As a curvy woman, I just haven't been able to make it work - I always end up with extra lumps under the sweater, or else the shirt sleeves bunch up and feel very uncomfortable. But you seem to look very comfortable and sleek here.

  4. love the shoes..though cant see them very clearly.

  5. Kristen - Yes! it is! I bought 2. ;-)

    Patina - LMAO run from the housewives..run!!! I think I am glad I have not heard the song. I do wonder, if you are tardy for the party, will Sheree not let you in?

    Kari = Thanks! I actually DO have a "strategy" (LOL!!) for layering. If I am tucking, then a 1. Pants/Skirt with ease in the waist - either a stretch fabric, maybe something with a small bit of side elastic or a pair with lots of room.


    2. Heavier fabric on the shirt underneath. Sounds wrong, but its keeps more structure, and then the sweater clings to the shirt instead. The one I have on under the green sweater is a textured almost twill weight shirt, and a lot of times I am wearing a pique shirt or stretch sateen underneath. I never wear the usual lightweight poplin shirts under.

    If I am not tucking, then just a heavier weight shirt works just fine!

    God Made Me - I figured everyone has seen them so many times its not even worth showing them anymore LOL!!

  6. I love the color of the sweater. And those slacks are so nice

  7. Ooooh, that is *such* a good color on you!

  8. Thank you Kaylyn and Jess.... Appreciate it!

  9. Thank you for the shirt-under-sweater tips; I was wondering about that too. I love the look (yay for teal!) but always fidget like mad in a shirt / button-down.

  10. This is a color combination that I want to try this Fall teal and grey.
    You look very good in the outfit and those pants are really great on you.

  11. Struggler - YW! Glad to be of service. Hopefully it will work for ya.

    Nurmisur - I think it will look great on you! :-) Thank you for the note.


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