OOTD - 10.30.09 - Rose Sweater

Sorry my shoes are missing, here is what I actually wore:

the Stuff:
Sweater - Talbots $32 (after coupon)
Tank - Loft $12
Jeans - Talbots $27 (after coupon, currently $25 or $29)
"Paris" Scarf - Talbots $18 (after sale and $5 savings card)
Shoes RSVP via 6pm $10 (OOS in grey, but silver, red and gold has some sizes left)

Have a happy weekend!!!


  1. The first thing I noticed was that scarf. Gorgeous!

  2. Thank you Kelly and Sher. It has really cute line drawings of 19th Century Parisian scenes. Also, the usual suspects, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe etc.

  3. OMG!!! I have that scarf, but haven't worn it yet!!! It look great with your gorgeous cardigan. Makes me think I need a burgundy cardigan, REALLY BAD. I plan on wearing mine with a graphic french tee and gray cardigan. I missed you too, but it's been so hectic at the hospital that I haven't been able to think sraight lol. Hope you're having a great weekend

  4. I love love love that cardigan...especially the color!

  5. Patina, get your wear on! And yes, you do need a burgandy cardigan, imagine how cute it will be with those pink JCrew tops you wear!

    God Fave - thank you! It's one of my new favs ;-)

  6. I really love how you wore the scarf Bianca! Cute sweater

  7. Beautiful! I love your rose sweater with the lovely Paris scarf. I do love cute, printed silk scarves. :) They seem like they were made for each other.

  8. Love the scarf! And the cardi is so cute! I love the rose details

  9. Miss, thank you!

    Kari - i think they may have actually been made for each other LOL! They were in the same catalog. so....LOL its like garanimals.

    K - thanks - good to you see you back up and running! :-)


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