OOTD - 10.29.09

The Stuff:
Shirt - Loft $3.66
Cardigan - New York and CO $20
Skirt - Talbots $29
Shoes - Rampage vis Belk $13
Necklace - Marahlago via Venetian Jewelers (Nassau, Bahamas)

This stone is Larimar, native only to the Dominican Republic. When we were in DR during our honeymoon, I couldn't seem to find the right pieces, but at a jewelry store in the Bahamas I found this and a ring I loved, and my hubby got them for me! :-) I love how the stones look like the ocean with all the variations (its a volcanic stone). The brand, Marahlago has the best pieces - and a cute little silver flower on the backside of each piece.


  1. That skirt looks great on you! I love the bright color of your sweater, and the necklace is so pretty.

  2. Wow the stone is so gorgeous!Looks very pretty on yo Bianca

  3. Thank you Gina and Miss ~ 'Preciate it!


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