OOTD 10.22.09 think pink day 4

LOL! Today DD got my shoes (kinda) but apparently had the wiggles. All photos were blurry or fuzzy or something funny! Oh, and the head cropping was pre-done for me LOL!

The Stuff:

Button Down - JC Penny Outlet $6.00
Jacket - Loft $50
Ankle Pants - Coldwater Creek $15
Suede Loafers - Chadwicks $11.39 (after coupon)
(I love these shoes - highly recommended - bad pic of them. )


  1. You've been doing great incorporating pink in ur outfits Bianca.I realy like your loft jacket.Whats the fabric made out of ?

  2. LOVE the jacket! And I'm super impressed you've been able to include pink 4 days in a row! I could barely do 2! :)

  3. That is an awesome price for comfy shoes! Nice!

    I am similarly impressed at your seamless incorporation of pink. It just suits you well and doesn't look like you intentionally set out to wear the color!

  4. Miss - Thank ya! THe jacket is kind of a thick cotton twill I guess. Its not hard and scratchy, not sateen and not that super soft polished cotton.

    Watergirl - Thx! It was tough.

    Kari - Thank you! I wondered if people were wondering about the crazy lady in pink everyday LOL.


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