OOTD 10.21.09 think pink day 3....

Okaaay...Day 3.....LOL
What else can we dig up for the rest of the week?

Pink Tee - Loft $34
Blue Cardi - Loft $20
Blue Herringbone Pants - Talbots $26
Shoes - ? LOL Still not working the full body length yet - maybe 2morrow. :-)


  1. i think you should incorporate your(our) new talbot's paris scarf into your wardrobe. i bought it also, and love it. i have never tried blue and pink together. thanks for the idea

  2. I love your color palettes! You always choose the the most flattering and complimentary colors! Love it!

  3. I like your theme for the week! Pink and inky blue look great together, and I love how long and lean your legs are in the herringbone trousers.

  4. that necklace necklace is my fav. love the color mix.

  5. I like you theme of pink for support of breast cancer week. Each day you added that special touch. Can't wait to see what you have for the rest of the week.

  6. I love pink and gray together, and those are GREAT pants!!

  7. Patina - I ordered a tank to go with the "rouge" color on the trim---will wear it soon!! :0)

    Kyla - thank you!! :0)

    Kari - Thanks! I love these pants. One of my favorite pairs.

    GodMadeMeFunky - Thanks! This one of my favs.

    Sher - Thank you! :0)

    Fell - Thanks!! :-)

  8. I love the pink and navy with the flower necklace.

  9. Love this color combo, and your necklace is pretty.


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