OOTD - 10.12.09 - Blue Topaz

So, this week, I decided to wear outfits around my favorite pieces of jewelry. I started with my very favorite. This is a blue topaz necklace by Judith Ripka. It retails on QVC for $255.00, but I purchased it on ebay for $156.00 This color is being retired because they are having a hard time getting good blue topaz stones in this size for this price.

The Stuff:
Sweater - Loft $20
T-shirt - Loft $9
Pants - Limited $17
Bracelet - Silpada
Necklace - QVC


  1. Pretty Pretty necklace! Love your outfit bianca.

  2. Your necklace!!! I love your idea of dressing around your favorite piece of jewerly.

    It's freezing here today, how are things in your neck of the woods???

  3. Ooooh - I love this. That color combination is beautiful!

  4. Great idea!You look lovely :)

  5. Miss, Kyla and Nurmisur - thank you!

    Patina - Thank you! Its been chilly and rainy...but not too terribly bad!

  6. What a great deal! It's a lovely necklace. The theme should make for a really fun week!

  7. Thanks Jess!

    LJ - ;-) I think we shop at the same places.


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