OOTD 10.08.09 ChChChChChanges.....

I may have mentioned that it was supposed to range in temps from 45 to 81 today. :-P

Well, most of the day it was on the warmer side, so I was wearing this:

When it was a little chillier in the am, I had on one of the usual suspects, in green.

Then for dinner, I switched from a button down and cardi into a tee and jean jacket.

Oh and I found out I really love tights. Yay for tights being in style for grownups. And I saw in Lucky that I can wear my tights with peepy-toes. Who am I to argue! :-)

The Stuff:

Button Down - Banana Republic $20
Skirt - New York and Co $5
Cable Knit Tights - Kmart $6
Shoes - Aerosoles
Necklace - QVC

Sweater - Talbots - $20 (free after rewards coupon)
Jean Jacket - QVC - $28
Black Tee - Loft $10


  1. Gorgeous! The skirt is fantastic, and I love it with both the cardigan and the jacket, but especially with the green. (And whoa, $5?!?)

  2. I love that skirt so much everytime you where it! Especially when you pair it with bright colors!

  3. Great transformations during the day.
    Love the skirt with the green.

  4. Love that denim jacket. I've been layering too.

  5. Love every variation of this look! And I seriously can't wait until its cool enough down here to wear tights! :)

  6. So cute! I love that tights are totally ok for adults and you can wear them with any kind of shoes! It really helps stretch the life of skirts and dresses into fall and winter. Yay!

  7. The pattern on that skirt is too cool!

  8. very cute! I saw tlc stacy's show sometime last year and she was like "no tights with peeptoes" and i was like ..yeah? whatever

  9. I'm glad the weather warmed up for you. you look gorgeous...love that skirt. we're going to have some beautiful weather here also...and,guess what??? I'm off. YAY!!!!!!!!

  10. That skirt is cute, you are so good at finding the deals.

  11. Love everything about the outfit, and I am insanely jealous that you can wear tights. Still around 90 degrees here.....

  12. Kari - Thank you - the green is actually my fav sweater - I have to remember NOT to wear it too often :-)

    Kyla - thanks - one of my better bargains I suppose. :-)

    Nurmisur - thank you!

    Sher - Layering seems like it will be my MO for awhile.

    Watergirl - I hope you enjoy your 2 days of tight-wearing weather in January LOLOL ;-)

    K - Oh me too! I am a complete convert now! I will get some more pairs. This was an "experiment". :-)

    Kelly - thanks!

    Miss Masala - Stacy has some bad ideas about style ;-) I see miniskirts on some of my blog pals (who are after 35) and they look awesome!

    Patina - Thank you I am thrilled that its warmer! Enjoy both your time off, and the weather!

    Eyeliah - Thank you!!

    Lesa - Thank you! It was my first pair, (just having moved from Florida) and i LOOOVE it!!

  13. Great outfit! I love taking an outfit and tweaking it like that to suit my needs as the day progresses.

  14. Cute! I love the skirt, and that denim jacket is to die for!

  15. Jess - Yes, the outfit was so comfy with the tights I didn't want to take anything off. :-)

    Kristen - Thank you - I love this jacket!


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