Mark your calendars and start the wish list - Sephora F&F Oct 19th

Hey everyone! I know its not clothes, but Sephora's Friends and Family is October 19th - Nov 2nd. Its 20% off everything (except giftcards) storewide. As usual, orders over $50 will have free shipping, and free samples. :-)

Code: FF2009

I will post a reminder when it starts and if they do an in-store PDF, I will be sure to post as well!


  1. oh, please send us a reminder. i love sephora. btw, did you check out rachel zoe on qvc yesterday??? i didn't get anything...i'm still lost in crewville, but I did like a few of her things.

  2. Yay! Love Sephora's F&F!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I know - I am excited!!

    Patina - I totally missed her, we had some family in town, so I was on hostess duty Sat. ;-P


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