Issac Mizrahi Bounced AGAIN.

Issac left Tarjay leaving a bit of a gap that Target has just started to address with the stronger items Merona has put out lately. Then Mizrahi landed at Liz Claiborne and tried to work a little magic there. Lots of PR.. lots of buzz about the move....not alot of units moving from what I saw online, and in the business news.

Yesterday, LC announced some major changes/reshuffling with the brand.

From, here are the details of the change...

Word has it that Liz Claiborne will make a big move next season. The department store label, famous for body-conscious clothes at an affordable price range, is handing over exclusive rights to national chain J.C. Penney, leaving behind both Macy's and Dillard's. Undoubtedly, the move was inspired by the recession; Claiborne was recently downgraded to "neutral" stock level, reportedly because their target customer (a.k.a. middle-aged women) are "likely to cut back on themselves before their families". The move also comes as a bonus to J.C. Penney, who has been working on reorganizing their contemporary labels in order to establish a more fashion-forward image at a smart price point. According to the New York Times, Liz Claiborne Inc. is expecting to "profit from its...wholesale brands in 2010" thanks to the new deal.

The move also means that Isaac Mizrahi's Liz Claiborne New York line will be moved out of the stores and only sold via QVC, with Claiborne receiving royalty payments on the line. This comes as good news, considering the line has not been performing up to Liz's expectations.

I do like purchasing from QVC, and expect Issac to be great on TV as a sales person. I think it will be fun to watch - so I am not really complaining. Lots of change in a short amount of time. What do you think? Did you like Mizrahi's Target line? Will you consider his line if its at QVC?


  1. This past spring I watched an Issac interview in where he predicted tons of printed cardigans for fall. He said buy cardis with some sort of print.

    It's fall, and the only trend I see being touted is plaid shirts. The runways, nothing....

  2. Hi Bianca. Thanks for sharing this info. I'm not a big tarjay shoppper, but I do watch i'll be sure to check out Issac and look for Liz Claiborne at Jcpenny.

    Sher-unless my son buys a plaid shirt and i can steal his, I won't be following that trend, lol.Haven't seen the printed cardigan trend either. hmmm????

  3. Hmm..maybe he was planning on making printed cardis this fall LOL! I cannot say I am a plaid girl...but it looks great on lots of other girls~~!

    Patina - you know its another Ripka weekend! ;-)


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