DSW $10 off $49 and Free Shipping

Need some new shoes?

Check out DSW with $10 off $49, and be sure to get free shipping with a $35 purchase using code fallshp.

You can also combine it with another coupon, as DSW lets you use 3 at once. Try playing with 768 which takes 30% off one non-clearance pair (Oct 15-25) - As long as your cart still equals $49 after the 30% is removed, you can still get $10.00 off and free shipping.

One example - Shoe original price $70. Coupon 768 applied = $49. Now another $10 off, and free shipping, your $70 shoe is $39 shipped.

Another example - Shoe 1 Price: $49.95, Pair 2 Price $14.95 on clearance. Coupon is applied to pair 1 for a subtotal of $49.90. Then the 10 coupon is applied, and shipping is free.. Total: $39.90 shipped.


  1. oooh, thanks for sharing, I might have to use this!!!

  2. Wonderful! I got the email about the $10 off and was planning to use it, but the additional coupons are even better. Thanks for the tips!


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