Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I wanted to make a quick side post about a couple of fun activities that I try to participate in - although with the move, I may need to find some new ones. :-) Neither actually take place in October though...

1. Brides Against Breast Cancer -
This is a great fundraiser activity that will only cost your time. Gowns are donated to BABC either new from stores (unsold samples, items never picked up from alterations etc) or slightly ;-) used from consumers. BABC marks the items at reasonable prices, and then resells them to brides at much lower price points than the stores. Then, the proceeds go to the Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation which grants "wishes" to terminally ill (stage 4 usually) cancer patients (things like taking kids to Disney or second honeymoons with husbands etc). They need volunteers to help at the events - ie helping brides choose and try on gowns, pick accessories etc. Its really a lot of fun - so if you have one in your area, volunteer for a day!

2. Relay for Life
This is not specific to Breast Cancer, but is a great event nonetheless. In many cities nationwide, there is an overnight fundraising event. There are several ways to participate - the easiest being to show up, and buy goodies from the various teams at the event. Usually local businesses set up a team and plan a fundraiser for the event. (Sell Baked Goods, Charge $1 for Ring Toss, etc). There are also sponsored teams that walk the track all night. They also sell luminaries to light the track for a few dollars each. I think this is a somewhat poor explanation, but visit their website, to get a better idea and see when its in your area.

How about you, are there any events you usually do in your community?

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