6pm: Gabriella Rocha Shoes $7.95 ALSO, Clearance 6pm

Hey girls - 6pm has their Gabriella Rocha Shoes for $7.95 a pair. The shipping is $6.95 flat rate, for all the pairs you buy. These are MOSTLY sandals, but there are some cute shoes that may be fall appropriate as well. (WITH TIGHTS) ;-)

Here are some more ideas:

The Christa

The Shana

There are also several other brands/sizes/colors on clearance for less than $10.00. If you search the shoes, put in your type and size, and sort by price, there were quite a few choices. Some of these are going to be the odd colors, but some of them are super cute! :-) There are LOTS in brown, if you happen to be looking for Browns/Tans etc.



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