20% off Eddie Bauer

Is there a chill in the air in your neck of the woods? To my rescue in the mail today - Eddie Bauer - chock full of sweaters, vests and other warm weather goodness.

Take 20% off your purchase with code HOLRESTW9

After using a credit card to scrape my windows this morning (oh unprepared Floridian) - I am putting some money on one of these:

Down Ice Scraper Mitt $14.50 before coupon


  1. Soooo...gas stations don't sell zillions of ice scrapers for 99 cents in Florida like they do here in Chicago? ;-)

  2. no that is for the mitt to go over the scraper! I am glad I don't need these now that I moved to warmer climate!

  3. LOL! Well, they did not sell them where I used to live in Florida....

    Now in NC, there are some frosty mornings - like yesterday LOL. I got in my car, and the frozen stuff didn't come off with the windshield wipers. I was like what is that?? (Der de der)

    I think having a nice toasty mitt to cover my little paws will be awesome. Its too bad my hubby schedule is so different from mine - this job would be right up his alley. LOL!!

    Eyeliah :-P LOL!!


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