OOTD - 10.30.09 - Rose Sweater

Sorry my shoes are missing, here is what I actually wore:

the Stuff:
Sweater - Talbots $32 (after coupon)
Tank - Loft $12
Jeans - Talbots $27 (after coupon, currently $25 or $29)
"Paris" Scarf - Talbots $18 (after sale and $5 savings card)
Shoes RSVP via 6pm $10 (OOS in grey, but silver, red and gold has some sizes left)

Have a happy weekend!!!

Sick of Cheap Shoes Yet?

If you feel like mosying into a Payless store tomorrow, you can get 50% off your purchase.

You can either use this printable coupon:


or have it texted to you - text OPRAHSHOW to 242424.

The coupon specifically says all is game, even Siriano. Why Payless wanted to team with Oprah, I dunno (shrug). :-)

Here is the original article, which doesn't provide much further insight.LOL

Happy Hunting!

OOTD - 10.29.09

The Stuff:
Shirt - Loft $3.66
Cardigan - New York and CO $20
Skirt - Talbots $29
Shoes - Rampage vis Belk $13
Necklace - Marahlago via Venetian Jewelers (Nassau, Bahamas)

This stone is Larimar, native only to the Dominican Republic. When we were in DR during our honeymoon, I couldn't seem to find the right pieces, but at a jewelry store in the Bahamas I found this and a ring I loved, and my hubby got them for me! :-) I love how the stones look like the ocean with all the variations (its a volcanic stone). The brand, Marahlago has the best pieces - and a cute little silver flower on the backside of each piece.

Another note about 6pm (sorta)

6pm is the clearance site for Zappos, but for whatever reason, they only kept the statistics from Zappos, not the actual reviews. Its annoying, because it will say "25% of people thought it was true to size". So - did the other 75% think it was too small or too big? LOL. NO help. And of course, since they are liquidating on 6pm, they are gone from Zappos in most cases. (I really am going somewhere with this - I promise its not just a cranky rank LOL)

I really prefer reading reading reviews before buying because I really fall between a 7.5 and an 8, and can often need narrows - so shoes that are on the larger side... fall off my feet. Usually people mention all kinds of clues in their reviews than can help me determine what size I need to order.

While surfing for any reviews online for a certain shoe, I found another site: Buzzillions.com that actually cached the Zappos reviews! So, if you are looking at some shoes on 6pm, just open Buzzillions on another tab and enter the shoe model, and voila! If there were any Zappos (or Amazon, or other) reviews for the shoe, you will be able to read them.

Also, Type-Z shoes are on sale at 6pm for $15.95, and I got the shoes pictured above in the mail yesterday. They are cute and comfy. I needed a 7.5, not an 8, but thanks to interpreting the reviews written by people (originally on Zappos) and aggregated by Buzzillions, I was able to get the correct size.

Hope this is a neat tool for you as well! Happy Hunting!

Markdowns at Loft are now 40% off

That is all ;-)

OOTD - 10.28.09 Purple Haze

It was totally 80 degrees out again today. LOL

The Stuff:
Cardigan - Loft $19 (now $11.75 , none online, but still plenty in my store)
Tee - Loft $14.50 (now $12.75 after discount)
Skirt - New York and CO $5.00
Shoes - Loft $10

OOTD - 10.27.09

The Stuff:
Navy Striped Tee - Loft $?
Navy Cardigan - Loft $20
Plush Cords - Talbots $20
Navy Suede Shoes - Talbots $30 after coupon code
Flower - Newport News $8 after coupon code

Go to an Ann Taylor Loft store. Now.... Run....

Stopped into a Loft tonight on my way home. Their markdowns are an additional 25% off, which I knew going into the store, but there are all kinds of new clothes marked down!

Lots of tops are 9.99-12.99 AND! Final Sale rack $4.88 tops galore. Then you take another 25% off that. I got four tops for $3.88 and $6.99. Also, those awesome BF cardigans are marked down to $14.99 (with an additional 25% off). Nothing much left on the site, but my store was packed with options.

As always, your mileage may vary ;-)

Happy Hunting!!

American Eagle? AND! 20% off

Umm, so the last time I bought myself something in AE it was a dress. The top was denim and the bottom was floral. It went under a plaid shirt. Yes, it was in the 90s. I promise.

As of late, the store had been a place where I grabbed daughter basics for school wear. However.....I have noticed a few items here are there catching my eye..most of their items go up to a XXL online.

Use Coupon Code 23876456 for 20% off (works on clearance and free shipping when you spend $100)

Here are 2 clearance things that are pretty cute:

OOTD - 10.26.09 - Sweater(s) and Skirt!

Ah yea, its chilly again. And rainy. :-)

The Stuff:
Black Ruffle Cardigan - Chadwicks $16.75 after coupon
Red Sweater - Newport News $14.00 after coupon
Ponte Knit Pencil Skirt - Chadwicks $15.00 after coupon (fits like a dream, i need more colors)
Knit Tights - Kmart $6.00
Necklace - QVC :-)

RSVP Shoes - $9.95 at 6pm.com

You know the deal. RSVP shoes are $9.95, flat rate shipping is $6.95. Might be good for some shoe therapy without doing a lot of damage to the pocketbook. Sizes are limited, I recommend searching for your size and width first.

I usually grab a couple of pairs when its RSVP - I have found the shoes to be sized well, and pretty decent quality, considering the price. Happy Hunting!!

Here are some of the offerings:

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I wanted to make a quick side post about a couple of fun activities that I try to participate in - although with the move, I may need to find some new ones. :-) Neither actually take place in October though...

OOTD 10.23.09 think pink FRIDAY!

Last day of think pink week! Oh, and last day for our guest photographer. :-) I wore this pretty recently, but well, thats the last of the pink in my closet. But you know what? I think I liked it :-)

I made it all week in pink....

The Stuff:
Pink Sweater - Talbots - $28
Black and White Top - Talbots $6
Jeans - Talbots $20
Shoes - Loft $9

OOTD 10.22.09 think pink day 4

LOL! Today DD got my shoes (kinda) but apparently had the wiggles. All photos were blurry or fuzzy or something funny! Oh, and the head cropping was pre-done for me LOL!

The Stuff:

Button Down - JC Penny Outlet $6.00
Jacket - Loft $50
Ankle Pants - Coldwater Creek $15
Suede Loafers - Chadwicks $11.39 (after coupon)
(I love these shoes - highly recommended - bad pic of them. )

Talbots - Additional 15% off your order

All of Talbots markdowns have been reduced another 25% AND! They are running a promotion, 15% off when you sign up for their RED Awards Club (NOT CREDIT CARD) - awards card. Now, I already am in the club, but was able to use the promotion anyway, so don't let it dissuade you.

If you aren't already in the club, you should sign up ~ either way, check out the markdowns! They have some really nice (ahem) cardigans!

Code: RED15

OOTD 10.21.09 think pink day 3....

Okaaay...Day 3.....LOL
What else can we dig up for the rest of the week?

Pink Tee - Loft $34
Blue Cardi - Loft $20
Blue Herringbone Pants - Talbots $26
Shoes - ? LOL Still not working the full body length yet - maybe 2morrow. :-)

20% off Eddie Bauer

Is there a chill in the air in your neck of the woods? To my rescue in the mail today - Eddie Bauer - chock full of sweaters, vests and other warm weather goodness.

Take 20% off your purchase with code HOLRESTW9

After using a credit card to scrape my windows this morning (oh unprepared Floridian) - I am putting some money on one of these:

Down Ice Scraper Mitt $14.50 before coupon

OOTD - Think Pink Week 10.20.09

Its Think Pink! Week - for breast cancer awareness, I am going to try and wear Pink every day this week - I am not sure if I have that much - so we will see! :-)

By the way, we have a guest photog this week - my daughter will be behind the camera - so expect missing feet, head, no flash etc. :-) We took about 15 shots and this is the best of the bunch. :-)

The Stuff:
Sweater - Talbots $25
Black Pants - Cato $10
T-shirt - Loft
Shoes - Shoetrader Liquidation $10

DSW $10 off $49 and Free Shipping

Need some new shoes?

Check out DSW with $10 off $49, and be sure to get free shipping with a $35 purchase using code fallshp.

You can also combine it with another coupon, as DSW lets you use 3 at once. Try playing with 768 which takes 30% off one non-clearance pair (Oct 15-25) - As long as your cart still equals $49 after the 30% is removed, you can still get $10.00 off and free shipping.

One example - Shoe original price $70. Coupon 768 applied = $49. Now another $10 off, and free shipping, your $70 shoe is $39 shipped.

Another example - Shoe 1 Price: $49.95, Pair 2 Price $14.95 on clearance. Coupon is applied to pair 1 for a subtotal of $49.90. Then the 10 coupon is applied, and shipping is free.. Total: $39.90 shipped.

Gap Email Subscribers

If you got an email that says "take this to a store and see how much I am worth", check this out before going in. There is a code at the bottom of the email - here is the "key" to the codes. Maybe this will save you a trip, or encourage you to go in! Esp if you have a 183!

186 - $5 off of a purchase of $20 or more;
185 - 25% off of a purchase of $20 or more;
184 - $10 off of a purchase of $40 or more;
182 - 25% off of a purchase of $40 or more;
183 - 50% off of your purchase

Note: You must go into the GAP and they are one time use. Exp 10.25


(All coupons claimed - enjoy!)

OOTD 10.19.09

The Stuff:
Blouse - Chadwicks $14.99 (currently $9.99)
Cardigan - (Uniform Supplier) $5
Cords - Talbots $20
Shoes - Rampage via Belk $12

Sephora F&F Starts Today!

As mentioned last week, Sephora's Friends and Family starts today - it lasts October 19th - Nov 2nd. Its 20% off everything (except giftcards) storewide. As usual, orders over $50 will have free shipping, and free samples. :-)

Code: FF2009

It looks like this year, they aren't doing the in-store PDF, that SA's can email out. If that changes, I will be sure to post! :-)

OOTD - Key to My Heart

I started the week with an old favorite - and thought I'd end it on a new favorite! I have had this less than a month, and have trotted it out several times - favoring it over many others. I got the key from QVC (theme here?) and its by Judith Ripka. The chain is actually part of another set that I wore for my wedding - also from the Q by JR. This has a Fleur de Lis at the top, and a small amethyst at the bottom. I tend to purchase lots of amythest because its my daughter's birthstone. I figure I like purple, and someday she will get all the jewels anyways. :-)

Lots of people love fleur de lis - all for different reasons. I took French in junior high and high school. My high school teacher was a hard ass, but I learned how to conjugate a mofo verb that's for sure. She was French for real, and took it verrry seriously. I graduated high school a semester early, and due to some other circumstances, was not able to take the trip to Paris that all other seniors who took more than 3 yrs of French went on. I remember when I told her, she cried. :-( And my last day of school she brought me a little photo album that had a Fleur De Lis on the cover - there was a nice note inside (en francais, mais oui!) indicating that she expected me to go someday and fill the album with photos. The album is still empty, but someday.... My father in law's family is French Martinique with family in both Martinique and France, so my hubby's grandmother sometimes will speak to me in French if she wants to say something that is not for everyone's ears. ;-)

So, a long story for a small pendant. :-)

Continuing my day of "new" favorites, these are some recent purchases, that I find myself reaching for often.

Sweater - Loft $19.00
Placed Petal Tee - Loft $14.50 (on sale again for $12.75)
Jeans - Talbots $20
Neclace and Pendant - QVC / Judith Ripka
Shoes - Loft $10

P.S. Thank you all so much for the kinds words during my convalescence LOL! I feel better, but still look like crap, so I am sparing you today - I don't know what I was thinking posting my face this past week. LOL!!

OOTD - 10.15.09 Cherry Quartz

This necklace was picked out by my daughter who was 9 or 10 at the time. We were shopping in a Loft, and she insisted I purchase this "fairy princess necklace" - I put it down while she wasn't looking, but she caught me at the register. LOL! I am actually very glad I bought it because it feels so happy! I am sure it is just glass, but it looks like Cherry Quartz - which may be glass anyway, I don't know if Cherry Quartz is really a stone.

This is a pink mother of pearl cuff that I bought from ebay. Its a little washed out from the lighting, but its roughly the same shade as the necklace, and varies in depth of color from light to dark.

The Stuff:
Gray Sweater - Old job (uniform company) $5
Pink Sweater - Talbot's $28
Pants - Coldwater Creek $15
Gray Shoes - Fashion Bug $3.50
Necklace - Loft $12
Bracelet - Ebay seller: Silvertribe $19

P.S. I am still a little under the weather - I apologize for not commenting on your blogs as much as usual. I am reading them, and will get back to commenting soon! ;-)

Saks Friends and Family - 25% off with lots of exceptions

There is a ridiculous amount of exclusions, mostly of designer items, but you may be able to find something (Tory Burch shoes? Burberry scarf?) that qualifies.

Use code "FRIENDS2" for 25% off (20% off jewelry and 10% off cosmetics and fragrances - which I would hold off for Sephora on that). Stack with code "OCTSHIP9" for free shipping.

Online from October 13-14 - in store from October 15-18

Printable in-store coupon

Here are the rules (It may have been shorter to explain what does qualify LOL!)

OOTD - 10.14.09 Mother of Pearl

So this is one that doesn't photograph that well, but is very pretty IRL. I catch lots of people looking at it - hopefully because they like it. :-) It is a carved MOP flower. I am wearing it on a silver textured link toggle chain. The toggle has small sapphires on the endcaps. Just one of those little details most people won't necessarily see, but that I love.

I actually came home sick today around 3, and crashed on the couch. So I apologize, but you are getting the outfit after a nap, and "just woke up" face. :-)

The Stuff:
Button Down - Talbots $23
Sweater - Loft $14
"Ankle Pants" - Loft $20
Jacket - Talbots $45
Necklace/Pendant - QVC (pendant discontinued, chain still available)
Shoes - Aerosoles

P.S. I promise I didn't wear grey pants 3 days in a row LOL. Monday was black/white herringbone, Tuesday was Navy/White herringbone and today was actually grey LOL!

OOTD - 10.13.09 Apple Green Gaspeite

This is one of my favorites - its a gaspeite - which is often used in Southwest jewelry. I highlighted it by framing it in a multi-strand silver chain. Color is a little bit off - in between the first and second picture. The reason I loved it (other then the color) is the silver designs on the side. I love little details like that!

The Stuff:
Sweater - Talbots $20
Tee - Loft $10
Navy Herringbone Pants - Talbots $26
Mule/Loafers - Talbots $13.99
Jewelry - QVC and EBay

OOTD - 10.12.09 - Blue Topaz

So, this week, I decided to wear outfits around my favorite pieces of jewelry. I started with my very favorite. This is a blue topaz necklace by Judith Ripka. It retails on QVC for $255.00, but I purchased it on ebay for $156.00 This color is being retired because they are having a hard time getting good blue topaz stones in this size for this price.

The Stuff:
Sweater - Loft $20
T-shirt - Loft $9
Pants - Limited $17
Bracelet - Silpada
Necklace - QVC

Mark your calendars and start the wish list - Sephora F&F Oct 19th

Hey everyone! I know its not clothes, but Sephora's Friends and Family is October 19th - Nov 2nd. Its 20% off everything (except giftcards) storewide. As usual, orders over $50 will have free shipping, and free samples. :-)

Code: FF2009

I will post a reminder when it starts and if they do an in-store PDF, I will be sure to post as well!

Treasure Hunt Alert - Kmart / Sears Clearance $1.99+

Many basics on the Sears / Kmart site on clearance in the $1.99 - $2.99 range, and many more under $5. Tees, Tanks, also lots of shorts and capris, if looking to hang onto some cheap goods for next year. Or an upcoming cruise.

Women's Clearance

Juniors starts at .99 and 300 items under $5

Juniors Clearance

Here are a few random things I found while clicking for a few minutes. Basics to mix with your better pieces...

Random Items Under $2.99

White House Black Market - Markdowns

Lots of great stuff on sale here!

Plus use coupon 8936 to save $20 on orders over $80. Coupon expires 11/01/2009

Below: Chiffon Blouse/Sweater Combo $39.99, Jeans $49.99, Fedora $24.99, Cuff $29.99, Necklace $34.99

Issac Mizrahi Bounced AGAIN.

Issac left Tarjay leaving a bit of a gap that Target has just started to address with the stronger items Merona has put out lately. Then Mizrahi landed at Liz Claiborne and tried to work a little magic there. Lots of PR.. lots of buzz about the move....not alot of units moving from what I saw online, and in the business news.

Yesterday, LC announced some major changes/reshuffling with the brand.

From Racked.com, here are the details of the change...

Word has it that Liz Claiborne will make a big move next season. The department store label, famous for body-conscious clothes at an affordable price range, is handing over exclusive rights to national chain J.C. Penney, leaving behind both Macy's and Dillard's. Undoubtedly, the move was inspired by the recession; Claiborne was recently downgraded to "neutral" stock level, reportedly because their target customer (a.k.a. middle-aged women) are "likely to cut back on themselves before their families". The move also comes as a bonus to J.C. Penney, who has been working on reorganizing their contemporary labels in order to establish a more fashion-forward image at a smart price point. According to the New York Times, Liz Claiborne Inc. is expecting to "profit from its...wholesale brands in 2010" thanks to the new deal.

The move also means that Isaac Mizrahi's Liz Claiborne New York line will be moved out of the stores and only sold via QVC, with Claiborne receiving royalty payments on the line. This comes as good news, considering the line has not been performing up to Liz's expectations.

I do like purchasing from QVC, and expect Issac to be great on TV as a sales person. I think it will be fun to watch - so I am not really complaining. Lots of change in a short amount of time. What do you think? Did you like Mizrahi's Target line? Will you consider his line if its at QVC?

6pm: Gabriella Rocha Shoes $7.95 ALSO, Clearance 6pm

Hey girls - 6pm has their Gabriella Rocha Shoes for $7.95 a pair. The shipping is $6.95 flat rate, for all the pairs you buy. These are MOSTLY sandals, but there are some cute shoes that may be fall appropriate as well. (WITH TIGHTS) ;-)

Here are some more ideas:

The Christa

The Shana

There are also several other brands/sizes/colors on clearance for less than $10.00. If you search the shoes, put in your type and size, and sort by price, there were quite a few choices. Some of these are going to be the odd colors, but some of them are super cute! :-) There are LOTS in brown, if you happen to be looking for Browns/Tans etc.


OOTD 10.08.09 ChChChChChanges.....

I may have mentioned that it was supposed to range in temps from 45 to 81 today. :-P

Well, most of the day it was on the warmer side, so I was wearing this:

When it was a little chillier in the am, I had on one of the usual suspects, in green.

Then for dinner, I switched from a button down and cardi into a tee and jean jacket.

Oh and I found out I really love tights. Yay for tights being in style for grownups. And I saw in Lucky that I can wear my tights with peepy-toes. Who am I to argue! :-)

The Stuff:

Button Down - Banana Republic $20
Skirt - New York and Co $5
Cable Knit Tights - Kmart $6
Shoes - Aerosoles
Necklace - QVC

Sweater - Talbots - $20 (free after rewards coupon)
Jean Jacket - QVC - $28
Black Tee - Loft $10