OOTD - September 11

Today's outfit is featuring the fabulous placed petal tee from ATL. They are still on promo for $14.50, and there doesn't appear to be an expiration date associated with it. It looks like SEVERAL of the colors are already gone! ETA: Promo expired 9/13.

The Stuff:
Charcoal Tee - Loft $14.50
Jeans - Talbots $20.00
Sweater - Talbots (free after promo rewards)
Shoes - Loft $10


  1. such pretty details on that T. And a great deal too!

  2. You look great Bianca!
    I was hoping to visit ATL this weekend and get some more colors in this tee

  3. i love your casual friday outfits. you look so cute. too bad you're a redskins fan. your taste in football teams is deplorable

  4. you look great! I love the color of that sweater! You are giving my clothes jealousy!

  5. Thanks girls!

    Patina, the Redskins are actually preeety low on the scale of teams I like, I just like them better then the Ravens. ;-)

  6. Those petal tees are lovely, and such a great deal!

  7. Ah,there you are in a green and charcoal combo.
    You look very good.

  8. So pretty! I'm still waiting for mine to come...I should have just gone to the store in person to get them, but as soon as you posted that deal I got giddy and so scared that it wouldn't be on sale in the store, and that when I got home they would magically be all out of my size online and I will have totally lost out. So I ordered online. So dumb. Because I went in to ATL this weekend to return something and of course they were all on sale.

  9. Haha Kelly, I figured the actual store was out of the way for you. Ah well, it just means there is a gift coming ;-)


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