OOTD Sept 29 - Purple and Grayyyyyy

The Stuff:
Cardigan - Loft $19 (Promo Price plus savings certificate)
Tshirt - Loft $19
Chalk Striped Straight Skirt - Talbots $30
Necklace -QVC
Ring - $4 Ebay seller mytag

Seeing these pictures reminds me that I really need to put on some makeup LOL! For some reason I keep thinking I'd rather sleep the extra 3 minutes, but I need to get up and do et. LOL!


  1. How are you adjusting to the cold weather??? I really think fall is here to stay and I'm loving it, because I get to dig out all my great cardigans and scarves. Bianca, gorgeous outfit.Girl you are WEARING that pencil skirt. Love the gray and purple combo.

  2. oh,i think we are going ga ga over each other's key necklace. i adore yours!!!

  3. love the ring and the color of the cardigan.

  4. I keep a stash of lipstick, mascara, and concealer in my bag so if I ever decide halfway through the day that extra sleep was a mistake, I just head to the bathroom for a couple minutes and pretty myself up!

  5. Lovely outfit! Is there anything better than cardis and pencil skirts? The purple and grey is such a nice color combo!

  6. Patina - Thank you! I am ummm ok with the weather getting cooler, but I am pulling out the stuff I wear at Xmas usually LOL. I don't have much of a fall wardrobe, so I am working on it. :-)

    God Made Me - thanks!!

    Kelly - that is a GREAT idea!

    Watergirl - Hmm, not I cant think of anything :-) I am loving these colors this fall! I need to grab a bunch of it.


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