OOTD Sept 28

The Stuff

Tshirt - Loft $14
Sweater - Talbots $25
Pants - Limited $17
Shoes $10


  1. That pink is such a beautiful color on you!

  2. Hi Bianca. Love the bright fuchsia (my fav color cardigan) and gray. I haven't put those two together yet, but I'm going to now that I have seen your outfit.

  3. I agree with Sher. You have the best cardigans! (And they all seem to coordinate well with that Loft tee, too.)

  4. Thanks guys. I was actually bored by my outfit all day. I was surprised by cooler weather than I expected, and made a last minute change after going outside and discovering I was dressed for summer, and it was 65 LOL.

  5. I agree with the ladies.Your cardi collection is great.
    And you also have a very consistent style.
    Let's see what you will show us for Fall :)

  6. save that paris scarf at talbots for me!!! do you like it??

  7. Nurmisur - I am terrified for the Fall, I haven't had a fall in ummm...8 years! I have to buy some stuff LOL.

    Patina - Its on sale too!! Did you get it already? I LOVE it!! I am thinking about that and the sweater with rosettes in the rose color from the recent markdowns. And I wont talk about the stuff from the new book I "need".


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