OOTD - Sept 18 - Casual Friday

Oh hai, I iz in my living room taking a picshure wif a tree exploding from mai head.

The stuff: Oh geez - its all from the Loft LOL! Didn't realize that earlier.

Top - Loft $25
Jeans - Loft $?? (These are super old.)
Vest - Loft $5
Necklaces - QVC and Ebay


  1. So what, it works! Ok I can still read that first sentence...messing with my head?

  2. Haha - that is LOLCAT talk. It just makes me laugh.

  3. Those necklaces look great! That color looks so bright and amazing on you!

  4. hahahaaha. you are toooooo funny. Great outfit. Loft jeans are my favorite.

  5. I've worn outfits that are entirely from LOFT before :)

    I love how you layered those necklaces!

  6. Thanks all!

    Diana - its worse when you go INTO the loft wearing all Loft, and they are like - ooh nice top, nice jacket, nice skirt LOL~~

  7. nice!....love the blouse and the layered necklaces!

  8. Hehe, isn't it funny when that happens? I know I've worn entire Ann Taylor or Loft or Express outfits before. I guess it's very telling where we tend to shop.

    I once walked into a LOFT store wearing a shirt I had bought there two months prior, and I guess it was still being sold in the store. One of the salesgirls actually asked me if I had paid for the top when I was leaving the store, implying that I was trying to shoplift it. I was pretty insulted.

    I love that top with the layered necklaces and open vest!

  9. Thank you Bargainista and MIlly!

    Kari - I would be pretty mad. I usually worry if I am going in somewhere with like a scarf or a jacket, but no one has tried to stop me yet - ohhhh once in Coach, the lady asked me if I wanted her to wrap up my bag. I was like uhhh no. LOL. A shirt is pretty ridiculous though.

  10. Sometimes I also wear one same brand from head to toes.
    I would be completly mad if someone implied in a store that I had try to shoplift.

  11. hey! looking great. the color of the top looks completely different in the close up

  12. Me too Nurmsur.

    Yeah,God Made Me- no flash on the closeups to see the detail better. Its actually closer to the color in the larger photo.


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