OOTD -Sept 16

The Stuff:
T-Shirt - Loft $14.50 (was promo priced recently)
Skirt - New York and Co $5
Jacket - Spiegel $30 (used sale and promo coupon for price)
Necklace and pendant - QVC


  1. I love your skirt! Whats the fabric?
    the petal tee looks awesom on you

  2. Wow! This looks AWESOME! I LOVE the skirt and what you've paired it with!

  3. Oh! Thanks girls. Miss - the skirt is a heavy-ish cotton - almost like sateen, but not shiny. Its always the cheapest things I love best haha!!

  4. ok, I have to have the necklace! How do I find it? qvc...but where!!!?? I hope its still available!

  5. Ok, the long one is out of stock...but you probably mean the cute little key pendant/enhancer? Its on waitlist right now, but they will bring it back. It was super popular. I tossed it on another chain I already had, but here is the linky to the key...


    This one is super cute too:


    The chain I put it on came with the necklace I bought for my wedding:

    Here is another chain:


  6. Awesome outfit! I love that tee. And the pattern on that skirt is so cool. I love your blog! We need more well dressed cute petite examples for the world to see! :)

  7. That skirt is such a fun print, and I love your necklaces.

  8. ohhhhhhhhh, you look FANTASTIO. I love EVERYTHING!!!!!! Love black and lavender together. *going to my closet to put together an ensemble now* I have a key from judith ripka that i wear with her heart pendant. totally forgot about that with my crazy obesssion for crew jewerly. I am going to dig that out of my jewelry box too.

  9. Thanks Kaylyn for stopping by and good to *see* you Diana! ;-)

    Miss Patina, can't wait to see it! Miss Ripka has a TSV on Oct 11 ya know! I am excited for it!

  10. You do know that you're wearing one of the trends for Fall right?
    YOu look wonderful.

  11. love the trim on your tshirt - thanks for coming by my blog

  12. Awesome outfit. love the subtle lavender with the b&W skirt. and love love your necklace

  13. Nurmisur - Do you mean a shrunken jacket? The Colors? The skirt? LOL Maybe a little too trendy today. hehe

    Thank you Imogen and God Made me!

  14. I love this whole look on you. def fashion inspiration


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