OOTD - Sept 13 - Trends that dont flatter your body type.


So, I am displaying this photo, not because its a particularly interesting outfit, but more so because of the concept.

I have enjoyed watching all my rectangle (H) shaped blogger buddies sporting those super cute boyfriend jeans all summer and now fall... Due to my curvy, 8- shaped body, lets just say  I have not really wanted to go there on myself. I mean imagine what a tight-rolled, shin exposing pant would do to my body! It would look like a toy tin top (google that if you're under 27)!!

So, I picked out the things I liked about it, the fit through the hip and thigh, and the cute lighter-colored roll at the bottom, and found a way to wear those parts of the trends without compromising my body shape.  Sure, its a wide leg roll, instead of a tight roll, but I am ok with that. I would encourage all my readers to honestly assess if a new trend fits you, but if not, don't give up, find a way to make it your own!

The Stuff:
Tee - Loft $9
Jeans - Loft $28 (the OLD curvy fit)
Shoes - Payless $12


  1. you did a great job improvising. I love them!!!! Being an 8,i understand your frustration. Jeans-the bane of my existence. GRRRRRR

  2. My sentiments exactly. The one time I tried the look was here :
    and followed the same principles as you.

  3. I am sooo picky about my jeans! I hate skinny jeans...because...hello I am not skinny. lol. And I cant seem to wear the boyfriend jean either.

  4. I do like that concept of taking a trend that doesn't flatter your body as much and making it work for you. I think it also works better because the jeans look like straight legs rather than bootcuts, so it's really similar to the original trend but works much better on your body. (Your flats are incredibly cute too.)

    Awesome tips for the hot deals this weekend! I wish I had been here to take advantage of some of them earlier.

  5. Some trends are really hard to work. Being curvy myself, it took me a very long time to find skinny jeans that 1) actually fit without suffocating me, and 2) didn't make my rear look huge. I've found that most trends can be adapted, with a little patience and ingenuity.

  6. Patina - Ah yes, denim so wonderful when its right, so horrible when its wrong!

    Nurimur - you looked adorable! I love the outfit. Those apples look wonderful BTW!

    Queen - I know, kissing 1000 frogs to find the prince LOL! ;-)

    Kari - The awesome thing about deals is that there is always another one - hehe! Thanks for the nice notes.

    Diana - Do you mind saying what brand ended up working for you?


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