OOTD Gardening Outfit :-P

For some reason, when I wear an oversized cardigan with a collared shirt and THESE trousers, it reminds me of the outfits that they used to wear out to garden in the 40s. Because clothing was rationed, they started wearing their husbands/fathers/brothers clothes for gardening (in the victory gardens) Which means this outfit is suitable for gardening. LOL!

The stuff:

Cardigan - Forthe and Towne $16 (anyone else miss that store)
Trousers - Talbots $25
Button Down - Target $10
Shoes - Journeyz $10
Necklace - QVC


  1. An oversized cardigan always makes me feel like miss wiggins from the carol burnette show. i'm still a sucka for them. i have never heard of forthe and towne...was it a local clothing store??? The detail work on the cardigan is lovely and you don't look like your ready to garden at all lol. it looks like the perfect cardigan for the cold weather we've been having.

  2. Forthe and Towne was a concept store by the Gap that lasted about 10 minutes LOL. Really nice clothes. Sorta like a mix between Talbots, Ann Taylor and Banana Republic.

    The stores were beautiful, dressing rooms were awesome. Wahhhh


  3. ohhhhhh, i c. i'm thinking of the last awesome dressng room that i was in and nothing comes to mind...sad

  4. I miss F&T too!! I loved it so much, I got a job there...and then worked right through the closing of the stores. I still have a lot of their clothes and accessories.

    Hee, a Victory garden outfit. I wouldn't have made that connection, but I can see it. I really like that bright blue on you!

  5. Your cardi makes me want to curl up in front of a fire and read a good book, that's how comfy and cozy it looks! And I don't think you look like you should be gardening, but if you wanna garden, hey, whatever floats your boat! :)

  6. You look so comfy and stylish - a perfect fall look!

  7. Kristen - Oh gosh, I probably wouldn't have brought home a paycheck at all! :-) That's great to still have all that stuff around.

    Watergirl - this is exactly how my grandma gardened LOL - although her sweater had a zipper ;-)Sadly, I live in a townhouse...no gardens here LOL

    Kaylyn - it is!

    Goober - Thanks!

  8. That's cute, and the idea really fits in with the whole "boyfriend" trend that we're seeing so much of right now, doesn't it?

    I wish I'd known of Forth & Towne when it was still open. I don't think there was one nearby, so I only heard about it when the doors were closing. Too bad! :(

  9. Hee hee! Funny, these days I would *never* do anything to get dirty in that outfit! I look horrendous when I garden, but then I don't have to worry about getting dirty (I'm terribly messy).

  10. I never though about these kind of outfits as the gardening outfits from other era.Very interesting.
    But I love the menswear trend.It looks and feels so confortable and put togheter.

  11. Kari - sorry you never got to shop there. The nearest one to me was in ATL (lived in Tampa at the time) so we'd hit it up anytime we were in town.

    Jess - Ha! Ok, so you called me out, I dont have a garden. Or a yard really. HOA takes care of our little strip of grass out front LOL!

    nurmisur - it is super comfy. i want to take a nap just thinking about it. haha :-)


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