NY and CO - Deal for the Short and Curvy

I don't own much from NY and CO, but all the great posts I have been seeing lately made me try again. I went and tried on some stuff I liked. And waited for it to go on sale ..... You know the deal.

Anyways, the following items were all reduced..and if you have a NY and CO rewards card (not credit card) there is an extra coupon!

1. Black and White Pencil Skirt $5.99
2. Brown and White Pencil Skirt $5.99
3. Gray Pencil Skirt $23
4. Cardigan with flower $15

I found a coupon online. $25 of $50 order. So I got all this stuff for $25.oo before shipping. ($36 after shipping and tax). The only stipulation for the coupon was that you had to have a NY and CO rewards card. Which I signed up for when I bought that $2 belt I wear LOL - and totally forgot to mention on my post about card clubs. I don't know if the coupon will stick - you never know when you find something online could be reversed later....Well, here is hoping. If you want to try your luck: Code 1822 OR 1810. Remember you must have the NY and CO card to use it.

ETA: The goods shipped! So the coupon code works fine.

So can I wear the black and white with black sweater and black tights for Fall? Even though its mostly white? Patina? Whaddya think?


  1. I say yes! Especially the pencil skirt on the left. No problem. The skirt on the right? I would try a pair of grey tights.

  2. You seem to always score awesome deals. Makes me want to check them out again. I was in there a couple weeks ago and found a black and white skirt suit I liked, even though I didn't like the two pieces together.

  3. Sher - Thanks! I will try to find some grey ones!

    Nicole - I usually try on about 50 things in there and end up with one. But I think they may have recut some things this summer. Their skirts were fitting much, much better than before.


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