Loft - Placed Petal Tee $14.50

Great promo from the Loft this week - hope they keep it up! I have this in purple, and will going back in for another color today - for $14.50 - another must have. I think the old Loft I used to know and love is making a come back. There were several months in there that I was not loving it, (and it didn't help when they pulled the 16s from the store) but have picked up a few tops from there that are great.


  1. THANK YOU!!!!!! I saw this in a magazine on Sunday and swooned. I went by the Loft on Monday to admire this in the window, then back on Tuesday to buy it, but in the end I just had to put it down because I wasn't comfortable swinging $35 for a t-shirt and I have been mourning it ever since. I just bought two online - SO glad they're on sale!

  2. Great deal! I've been so admiring these tops at the Loft.

  3. Awesome!Thanks for the info Bianca
    I already bought 3 colors at full price last month. I might have one with tags intact,So I'll probably return it and get it for $14 bucks.yeay!!
    I was drooling over some other colors too.. and at this price I'll get them all :-)

  4. I am glad you girls were able to get some of these cute tops! I looove my one, and I grabbed two more today!

    I thought of you when I saw the promo Miss - I got my first one because of your great review of it!


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