Kreative Blogger Award

Thank you Miss Patina for the wonderful Kreativ Blogger blog award. I also owe a thank you to Sher at Fashion after Forty from her Cute's award from award night. :-)SO the rules are to list 7 things about self, and nominate 7 it goes..

Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know:

1. I thought JCrew clothes were dowdy and matronly and never even went into one until I saw Patina and Michelle Obama wearing them. Now, I think they are beautiful, and am infuriated that they are not made for people of my size and shape LOL. I think it was better when I just thought they were frumpy.

2. I actually have 153 blogs in my Google Reader that I read daily. I am a speed reader, so it helps. Blogs are much harder to read than books because people blog like they talk, but I can still get through it pretty fast. I really like Google Reader, because I can click read all, and just scroll through the blogs as fast as I can read.

3. I really like Talbots. Oh wait, that does not follow the rules - some of you guys might have guessed that fact already. OK, how about this: I don't like to follow rules very much.

4. Speaking of number 3, I have been living in NC since July 1st, and have not changed over my license plates yet. Ugh.

5. I hate to pay fines. I really should get those tags replaced.

6. I am somewhat eclectic with the music I listen to: These are my Pandora radio stations: Eryka Badu Radio, Anytime, Anyplace (Janet Jackson) Radio, Etta James Radio, Ella Fitzgerald Radio, Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) Radio, Wicked the Musical Radio, Midnight Train to Georgia Radio, Don't Cry for me Argentina Radio, Michael Jackson Radio, Jesus Christ Superstar Musical Radio, Jay-Z Radio, The Notorious Big Radio, The Phantom of the Opera Radio.

(if you are not familiar with Pandora, its an online radio service where you select a song or artist, and they create a station that plays songs and artists that are similar to the one you chose.)

7. There is not, nor will there ever be a "Honky Tonk Badonka Donk" station in my Pandora. No offense to all you millions of Trace Adkins fans out there.

The next step is to nominate 7 bloggers. Many of the blogs I read regularly already have been awarded, and posted their facts already, so I am trying to list a few that we may not have already read facts about....

7 Kreativ Bloggers I would like to nominate:

1. The Evolution of Nika - not a fashion blog per se , but awesome nonetheless. Miss Nika put together a HUGE list of things to do in the next 1001 days, and is blogging her journey on the path. Its very inspiring to me personally.

2.Clothes, Inter alia - Gina over at Clothes Inter alia is a thrifter, bargain hunter and lover of color - so she has some great daily clothing posts!

3. Dawley Style - Kaylyn @ Dawley style is quite a sassy young miss with plenty of fun in her posts. She also has a wonderous accessory collection that is completely drool worthy.

4. Inside Out Style - Imogen @ Inside out style has some of the best articles on dressing your body type I have evah read! She is an image consultant from OZ (down under, not over the rainbow) and has really great content. Here is a link to the body shape series: CLick here!

5. In Kari's wardrobe - I want the stuff in Kari's wardrobe in my wardrobe. Kari has lots of pops of color and figure flattering feminine pieces. And always looks great! What more can you ask?

6. BlogFashion - Londyn has an awesome work wardrobe! Love the colors she chooses (there is a theme here i see).

7. Beach Bum Chic - Ah yes, the Florida Lifestyle. I am looking forward to living vicariously through watergirl throughout this winter. She has super cute jackets, and yummy shoes too.

8. Tracktown Girl - Carla lives in the Pacific Northwest, and is a layering queen! Although her style leans to whimsical while I am a pretty classic dresser, I love checking out what she has layered each day - gives me lots of ideas for the winter!

(yes, I know it said 7 - please review fun fact #3)


  1. I wish I could learn to speed read. My google reader gets seriously out of control if I miss a few days.

  2. LOL! I don't go for country and western either. Thanks for sharing some fun facts!

  3. congratulations!!! you deserve it!! 153 blogs??? wow. i have a hard enough time keeping up with the few i have. lol. have a great day and you totally cracked me up with the jcrew comment. i'm currently pissed at them because they didn't offer one of the most beautiful tops so far in a 14. i love the sequin bow top, but they stopped at a size 12. GRRRRRRR

  4. Hi!

    I found your blog through Fab Finds Under $50. I was drawn in by the title as I am 4'11" & a size 10/12. I will link your site on mine and be back often to check out your looks. Maybe I will be inspired! :)

  5. Thank you so much for the nomination. I'm honored.

  6. Thank you so much, Bianca! You are too sweet. I greatly admire the color and flattering shapes in your wardrobe too, so I guess it explains why we read each other's blogs. :)

    I like J Crew clothes too, but it's more the budget that doesn't work for me rather than the shapes. They just seem to expensive for the quality, and I can find other similar pieces for cheaper at the Loft instead.

  7. Thank you, thank you, Bianca! My first blog award!

    I love your posts too. I particularly like your sophisticated looks and great use of color.

  8. Diana - I know it! I read Jezebel and that is usually 100+ posts by itself daily. Luckily, there are lots of pics. LOL!

    Sher ;-)

    Patina - those jerks. Dont they know girls with shoulders need cute tops too?

    PBG - Thanks! Hope to see you around!

    Nika - You are welcome, much deserved.

    Kari - I feel you on the Loft! :-)

    Gina - You earned it! Your blog is a great read! :-)


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