Deals on Reading Material - Mag Subscriptions

OK, I will admit. I had a bit of a problem. I was subscribing to over 10 magazines a year ago. Holy moly. Imagine a stack of 3 months?!?!?! So a disclaimer first. Don't do that LOL!!

That being said, here are some great deals on magazine subs. This pricing appears at checkout, right before you enter payment info. (not in the cart).This works for renewals as well, if you already get it.

Harpers Bazaar $4

Marie Claire (2 years) $5

Town and Country $5

Elle $9

Cosmo $10


  1. THose are great deals but I have a better trick. I am a teacher,so I just visit my school library every week on my lunch and go through all the magz!

  2. awesome prices for subscription, though i think i have my quota of subscriptions full for this year. I get bazaar. vogue and glamor and its hard to find time to browse through these three in a month.

  3. OMG...great deals!!!....i need to renew Elle & Cosmo...getting them right now...Thanks!!!

  4. You know, I haven't subscribed to a magazine since I was a teenager. Is that weird? I guess I just feel better about buying books because I reread them, but for magazines, unless there's a specific article I want to buy them for, I don't feel like it's worth my purchasing something that I know I'll only skim through once. Maybe that will change later.

  5. Hope some of you were able to take advantage. :-)

    I used to subscribe to all kinds of magazines: Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Essence, Ebony, Jet, Spa, Caribbean Travel, Cruise Traveler, Interview, Pink, Bridal Guide, Health and Nutrition, Parenting, Better Homes and Gardens....ugh, there may have been more. I just cannot think of them right now.

    Now its down to just lucky, and I buy a few here and there when I feel like it. Really, I tear apart things I like from magazines and file them away for future reference. Though I am planning on switching to two binders. One for home, and one for clothes.


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