Deals for Treasure Hunters - SALE OVER - SITE CLOSED

Shoetrader is closing on the 15th of Sept. All their shoes are marked down, and then you take another 60% off, using checkout code 943782 (listed on their home page as well). The sizing and color options are limited, but there are still some treasures to find.

They carry narrow, wide, and some shoes in double wide even -also shoe sizing runs from size 4 to size 13. They have lots of Clarks and Sofft in stock as well, if you like those.

This company appears to have been owned by Lane Bryant, I happened to notice you can use a Lane Bryant CC on this website. I picked up 3 pairs, two of which are selling on Nordstroms for $100 and Zappos for $75. Mine were under $30


  1. I just left the Jill website. I couldn't find One thing!!! If i liked it, it was sold out in my size. Oh well. I'm not supposed to be shopping anyway (smile) Have a great day!!!!!

  2. Awe too bad! I saw that stuff started flying off the site last night. At least it helped keep you on your spending hold. :-)

  3. Sale and shoes - 2 of my favorite words. I'm heading there now...

  4. Thanks for the info! I purchased two pair and spread the word.


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