Deals for the Short and Curvy - Plus sizes

Roby Rox Dress - Sizes 14W - 24W $3.74

If you are curvy enough to wear a juniors plus size, this dress might work well for you!

Shipping is free with $99 purchase Code: Fab Fall

Macy's is having their huge Labor Day Sale - lots of good stuff over there - and I have found that in-store sales are usually even better than whats online, so if you have one around the corner, you might want to pop-in and see what they have.


  1. What a cute dress. what did you buy???

  2. Nothing yet LOL! I am working on a cart that may, or may not make it to check out after a mall visit today.

  3. excellent buy! Pity the size chart is completely unhelpful.

  4. I suspect that crappy size chart is the reason it is still available. :-)

    I wonder if Macy's customer service would have any better sizing info?


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