Ann Taylor Loft - Low Cost Leaders

$14.50 Tee

Ann Taylor Loft has another "loss leader" - not quite as exciting as the placed petal tee, but a solid offering nonetheless. Its got some cute detailing around the collar. A new marketing initiative? Each week, there has been an item under $15 - they must have done some serious research to determine this was the correct price point to really grab buyers' attention.

Then, when you get into the store, or online, there are some "bonus" offers, such as $20 off pants, buy one get one free sweaters - and online, free shipping at $125. These items are styled with the low cost item all over. They are betting that I am going to come in for a $15 top and leave with $75-$120 in merchandise. And I am guessing that's a pretty good bet in most cases.

At any rate, its good to be aware of this before going in. Now, if you are doing your fall shopping, and your list includes new pants and two sweaters, and the budget is right - well - they are doing you a huge favor. But if you get this email and check your current clothing budget to find you can only swing a tee or two, don't be swayed by those awesome dressing room mirrors when you get there. Put down the $69 sweater, (and the other one) and run with your tees. ;-)

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