OOTD Gardening Outfit :-P

For some reason, when I wear an oversized cardigan with a collared shirt and THESE trousers, it reminds me of the outfits that they used to wear out to garden in the 40s. Because clothing was rationed, they started wearing their husbands/fathers/brothers clothes for gardening (in the victory gardens) Which means this outfit is suitable for gardening. LOL!

The stuff:

Cardigan - Forthe and Towne $16 (anyone else miss that store)
Trousers - Talbots $25
Button Down - Target $10
Shoes - Journeyz $10
Necklace - QVC

OOTD Sept 29 - Purple and Grayyyyyy

The Stuff:
Cardigan - Loft $19 (Promo Price plus savings certificate)
Tshirt - Loft $19
Chalk Striped Straight Skirt - Talbots $30
Necklace -QVC
Ring - $4 Ebay seller mytag

Seeing these pictures reminds me that I really need to put on some makeup LOL! For some reason I keep thinking I'd rather sleep the extra 3 minutes, but I need to get up and do et. LOL!

Whoa! Ann Taylor extra 40% off sale merchandise

So Ann Taylor has marked all their sale merchandise down an additional 40%, discount taken at checkout. Hurry over there to see whats left, but when I logged on a few minutes ago, the site was slow, so I'd guess its being pounded. Lots of very nice blouses!

Ann Taylor Sale!

OOTD Sept 28

The Stuff

Tshirt - Loft $14
Sweater - Talbots $25
Pants - Limited $17
Shoes $10

Kreative Blogger Award

Thank you Miss Patina for the wonderful Kreativ Blogger blog award. I also owe a thank you to Sher at Fashion after Forty from her Cute's award from award night. :-)SO the rules are to list 7 things about self, and nominate 7 bloggers....here it goes..

Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know:

Coupon Round-Up - (Updated)

Here are a few coupons from the usual suspects. If you know of any that we should know about, post them too! :-)


OOTD Sept 24 - Top, Skirt and JACKET!

LOL - NO cardigan today. Hehe.

The Stuff:

Placed Petal Tee - Loft $14.50 (currently $19.50)
Jacket - Loft $?? (oldie)
Skirt - New York and Company on sale $16.25 (currently $32.95)
Shoes - Loft $10
Necklace - QVC
Super, duper awesome cute Flower Ring (see below)- Ebay seller mytag

OOTD - Sept 23 - Skirt, Top, Cardigan

The Stuff:
Top - Loft $20 - ON CLEARANCE FOR $15
Skirt - Talbots $29
Cardigan - Uniform Catalog $7
Animal Print Shoes - Shoetrader Liquidation $15
Necklace - QVC
Bracelet - Silpada

The Limited - Sale Ended

The Limited has all pants and jeans on sale - 40% off. They carry up to size 18 in regular, tall and short. (yay) Many pairs run about $30-$42 after the discount, but before coupon codes!

Combine with one of the following coupons:

OOTD - Sept 22 - Raspberry. No Beret.

So this is a Raspberry Pink sweater, photographing a little reddish.
Raspberry Sweater - Talbots $12.50
Black and White Print Top - Talbots $19.99
Black Pants - Target $20
Necklace - Ebay $4

OOTD Sept 21 - Pants

Apparently I am doing the twist, torso one way, legs another. I dunno what happened here LOL

The Stuff:
Sweater - Loft $20
Pants - Express $15
T-shirt - Loft $14.50
Shoes - from the Shoetrader Liquidation $10

Liz Claiborne - All Sale Items Under $20 - Free Shipping for $50 orders! (Plus and Petite as well)

There are some really good prices here! Some cute blouses and jackets, etc. ETA - Sorry for all the crazy spelling and formatting earlier, I was attempting to post from my crackberry. That is neither easy nor fun LOL!

Liz Claiborne Sale

In-Style Magazine Subscription $5

This magazine is usually $19.50 to subscribe, but right now, Amazon has it for $5. That is less than a single issue at the store...

And I don't see this one on sale that often! :-)

Outerwear and Jacket Deals at Chadwicks - Petite and Plus Also

Chadwicks has some solid options in the Outerwear Clearance for fall coats. This is definitely a hunting type situation as some colors have many sizes, and some are more limited. Take an additional 40% off ONE ITEM with coupon CH40 and shipping is $6.99. Of course, there is no limit to the number of single item orders you place....

Here are some ideas:

Added post ratings to the blog...

I added post ratings to my blog - so if you want to give an opinion about the post without posting, feel free to click the stars! :-)

OOTD - Sept 18 - Casual Friday

Oh hai, I iz in my living room taking a picshure wif a tree exploding from mai head.

The stuff: Oh geez - its all from the Loft LOL! Didn't realize that earlier.

Top - Loft $25
Jeans - Loft $?? (These are super old.)
Vest - Loft $5
Necklaces - QVC and Ebay

Kmart - Fall Tweed Suit IRL Pictures Below the Cut!

My goal tonight was to try on a suit I saw in the September issue of Lucky. Here is the way they showed it in the magazine and at Kmart.com

My Pictures:

OOTD - Cardigan, White Shirt, Denim Pencil Skirt, Scarf

The Stuff:
White Button Down - Uniform Catalog $5
Cardigan - Talbot's $25
Pencil Skirt - Loft $25
Scarf - Talbots $18
SHoes - Talbots $12

Ann Taylor Loft - Low Cost Leaders

$14.50 Tee

Ann Taylor Loft has another "loss leader" - not quite as exciting as the placed petal tee, but a solid offering nonetheless. Its got some cute detailing around the collar. A new marketing initiative? Each week, there has been an item under $15 - they must have done some serious research to determine this was the correct price point to really grab buyers' attention.

Then, when you get into the store, or online, there are some "bonus" offers, such as $20 off pants, buy one get one free sweaters - and online, free shipping at $125. These items are styled with the low cost item all over. They are betting that I am going to come in for a $15 top and leave with $75-$120 in merchandise. And I am guessing that's a pretty good bet in most cases.

At any rate, its good to be aware of this before going in. Now, if you are doing your fall shopping, and your list includes new pants and two sweaters, and the budget is right - well - they are doing you a huge favor. But if you get this email and check your current clothing budget to find you can only swing a tee or two, don't be swayed by those awesome dressing room mirrors when you get there. Put down the $69 sweater, (and the other one) and run with your tees. ;-)

OOTD -Sept 16

The Stuff:
T-Shirt - Loft $14.50 (was promo priced recently)
Skirt - New York and Co $5
Jacket - Spiegel $30 (used sale and promo coupon for price)
Necklace and pendant - QVC

Great Nordstroms Markdowns - Plus Sizes Also

Nordstoms has some great markdowns, in pretty much all the departments. Here are some pretty items from the plus size department that caught my eye.

Quick Roundup

Plenty of coupons and sales going on, as usual...here are 5 that I thought were pretty good...

OOTD Sept 15

The Stuff:
White Shirt - Talbots $27
Orange/White Top - Coldwater Creek $13
Pants - Limited $17
Shoes - Loft $9
Necklace - Silpada

New York and Company Cardigan

Since a few people asked about the cardigan, I thought I would post about it. Its currently $11.98 on sale. It comes with the flower pin if you purchase it online, however in the store it is not included (and the cardigan is the same price).

If you feeling like waiting until Thursday, there will be a coupon for 30% off your order - 3596 - this wont be good until Thursday though.

OOTD Sept 14 - Cardigan, Pencil Skirt, Cami

The Stuff:
Cardigan - New York and Company $10.40 (Sale + Coupon, currently $11.98)
Chiffon Trim Cami - Loft $12 (In-store promo last week)
Seamed Knit Pencil Skirt $16.25 (Labor day promo + coupon)

And my hubby thought you all should know how I really look to others. :-P Isn't he funny?

OOTD - Sept 13 - Trends that dont flatter your body type.


So, I am displaying this photo, not because its a particularly interesting outfit, but more so because of the concept.

I have enjoyed watching all my rectangle (H) shaped blogger buddies sporting those super cute boyfriend jeans all summer and now fall... Due to my curvy, 8- shaped body, lets just say  I have not really wanted to go there on myself. I mean imagine what a tight-rolled, shin exposing pant would do to my body! It would look like a toy tin top (google that if you're under 27)!!

So, I picked out the things I liked about it, the fit through the hip and thigh, and the cute lighter-colored roll at the bottom, and found a way to wear those parts of the trends without compromising my body shape.  Sure, its a wide leg roll, instead of a tight roll, but I am ok with that. I would encourage all my readers to honestly assess if a new trend fits you, but if not, don't give up, find a way to make it your own!

The Stuff:
Tee - Loft $9
Jeans - Loft $28 (the OLD curvy fit)
Shoes - Payless $12

OOTD - September 11

Today's outfit is featuring the fabulous placed petal tee from ATL. They are still on promo for $14.50, and there doesn't appear to be an expiration date associated with it. It looks like SEVERAL of the colors are already gone! ETA: Promo expired 9/13.

The Stuff:
Charcoal Tee - Loft $14.50
Jeans - Talbots $20.00
Sweater - Talbots (free after promo rewards)
Shoes - Loft $10

Deals for Treasure Hunters - SALE OVER - SITE CLOSED

Shoetrader is closing on the 15th of Sept. All their shoes are marked down, and then you take another 60% off, using checkout code 943782 (listed on their home page as well). The sizing and color options are limited, but there are still some treasures to find.

They carry narrow, wide, and some shoes in double wide even -also shoe sizing runs from size 4 to size 13. They have lots of Clarks and Sofft in stock as well, if you like those.

This company appears to have been owned by Lane Bryant, I happened to notice you can use a Lane Bryant CC on this website. I picked up 3 pairs, two of which are selling on Nordstroms for $100 and Zappos for $75. Mine were under $30

Deals from J JIll $5 items - SOLD OUT!

JJill has several items for $5 on their site. I have a few pairs of pants. Well worth the $5 ya'll! Items will appear as $5 at checkout.

Edited to add: Stuff appears to be going fast. Yikes!
Last Edit: Sale supposed to last through Sunday? Completely sold out!

JJill $5 Sale


Photo Credit: (Haraz N. Ghanbari/ Associated Press)

Deals from Martin and Osa

Looking for sweaters yet? :-)

I like the quality of items from Martin and Osa - and they carry up to XXL, which is somewhat rare for this type of store - most end at XL. To cut to the chase, they have many of their new fall sweaters marked down 40%.

To sweeten the deal, use the Friends and Family Code 99400044 for an additional 30% off (which also works on sale/clearance items) F&F promo works 9/9 to 9/20.
(Code from Wardrobe Review Blog)

OOTD September 10

Not what I planned to wear today, but it was grey, rainy and dare I say chilly this am when I woke up. So I grabbed an easy go-to type of outfit. This is kind of a retread of last Thursday's outfit. But with a different top and jacket.

Jacket - Loft ? Oldie
Top - Loft $20
Pants - The Limited $17
Bracelet - Ebay $4

Loft - Placed Petal Tee $14.50

Great promo from the Loft this week - hope they keep it up! I have this in purple, and will going back in for another color today - for $14.50 - another must have. I think the old Loft I used to know and love is making a come back. There were several months in there that I was not loving it, (and it didn't help when they pulled the 16s from the store) but have picked up a few tops from there that are great.

OOTD - Sept 9th - Navy and Fuschia

This is one of my favorite color combinations. I admit, I have worn it since the 90s - although I often threw in a dash of teal. I was never as fly as when I was wearing my favorite Navy and Fuchsia IOU sweatshirt, matching LA Gear sneakers and a pair of black Z Cavs - tight rolled!

The Stuff:
Fuschia Tunic - Target $7
Navy Cardigan - Loft $20
Navy Herringbone - Talbots $26
Pin - Etsy EverydayDiamonds $5

Mine was not quite this exciting - it was solid navy, but I think you get the picture. Imagine it with a teal turtleneck. Oh yeah!