Reap rewards without the store credit card

I mentioned yesterday that i got my sweater for free after using a rewards coupon. A few of the stores I shop at offer a rewards, or basically a loyalty program. If you see that a store you shop at offers one, that is not related to a store credit card, you should sign up.

Basically they track your spend through a number. Once you reach a certain amount, they send you a shopping certificate. This really works best for stores you are a regular shopper of, but if you are, there is no reason not to sign up! :-)

These are the ones I belong to:

Talbots - Red Classic Awards .5pts awarded per dollar spent, at 500 points, you get a $25 gift certificate. Because they do double points events, its fairly easy to hit this mark if you shop there regularly. Points expire annually.

Eddie Bauer Friends
10pts for each dollar spent, and $10 reward for each 1750 points hit ($175) within a quarter.

Speigel Signature Rewards 1pt for each dollar spent, and $10 rewarded per $250 spent. These point never expire! And as time goes by more rewards are offered for higher point levels.

DSW Rewards - 10 points per dollar for regular priced merch, and 5 pts per dollar for clearance. At 1500 points ($150), $10 rewards. Points expire after 24 months. There are 500 bonus points for joining right now.

How about you? Are you part of any clothing reward programs that do not require a store credit card?


  1. I do DSW rewards, and (not clothing) I use Bare Essentials' rewards program. For every $100 you spent (regardless of how many purchases you're making to spend that $100, or how long it takes) you get $10 off your next purchase. I use their mineral veil powder, concealer, and mascara, so I usually get $10 off a year.

    American Eagle has a points-tallying program too, but I don't really shop there.

  2. I have a Newport News one, which is like Speigel they are owned by the same company. I didn't know about the Talbots one. thanks!

  3. I have DSW. They have really good service, btw. They seem to be a really good company. I have Anthro, but haven't shopped there w/it. I also have American Eagle Outfitters and Loehmanns, but haven't been to either in quite awhile.


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