Playing with Polyvore - Wearing Yellow?


yellow by bchez featuring Forever21

So, Miss Masala wore a yellow top that looked beautiful on her...Yellow is one of those colors I normally run from - but I love seeing it on others.

Now being short and curvy, I don't usually wear a shoe with a strap across the ankle, no matter how beautiful they are, but with the trousers, the pant will cover the offending portion, and still allow the rest of the pump to show through. Also, I actually own this cardigan in a couple of colors, and its a bit more roomy in the correct size that the model shows. I wear them over tops like this frequently. I LOVE the zipper flowers, I have been stalking some etsy brooches, but this UO necklace was too cute!!

Anyways, just playing - what do you think?

Items are from Talbots, Faith 21 (F21 line) Limited, Urban Outfitters, Black House White Market, QVC, Ecko


  1. What I love about pairing yellow with grey is that it's like the sun peeking out from the clouds. So pretty! Great choices here!

  2. Usually I avoid yellow but this year I feel very atracted to it. Love the polivore you made and I would buy the shirt myself.

  3. i think this is a lovely outfit. i am not a fan of yellow, only having one item and it's cardigan in my closet. however, i must tell you that I love that cardigan. the talbots cardigans are a great price.

  4. Thats a great analogy Sher!!

    I am a yellow avoider as well. I have a couple of things in my closet - well, actually just one as I gave the maxi dress away. :-) I want to try and incorporate it more...

    Patina, i love that sweater!

  5. Love the top, It goes perfect with those gray pants and a purple handbag is just a great contrast

  6. I think you could certainly try some yellow on and see if you feel it suits you. I have a feeling it might look great on you.


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