OOTD August 31

The Stuff
Sweater - Loft $? Oldie :-)
Tank - Loft $9
Skirt - Talbots $25
Scarf - Talbots $24
Shoes - Loft $10


  1. I love that scarf! Beautiful outfit!

  2. you look gorgeous today. can i have my scarf back, now??? (smile) I do believe that's one of the scarves I was in love with and missed out on. It looks beautiful and I love how you have it tied.

  3. Gorgeous scarf! Is this one a large square? The print and colors are beautiful. (I'm kind of a scarf nut myself.)

  4. Oh, that scarf is a beaut! Lovely outfit!

  5. Thanks for the notes on the scarf! Patina, you can come and get it anytime :-) <3

    Kari - it is a giant square, folded in half then tied and adjsuted. :-) I am a scarf fiend LOL. I need to wear them more often.

  6. That scarf is beautiful. Just love all the colors!

  7. *Such* a great outfit! Lovely scarf and great detailing on the shoulders.

  8. The scarf is gorgeous!I love scarves, can't wait for fall to wear some.
    I really like the pinks on you :)


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