OOTD August?!?! 3rd

Huh? Did I just type AUGUST? Holy moly, where does the time go?

Well, not to toot my own horn, but DH called this outfit "fly" - when he breaks out the 90's slang, I know I did something right. :-)

Sweater - Ann Taylor Loft $10 (Yes, this is THAT sweater, its still online and more colors in most of the stores I have popped into.) I bought it in 3 colors, and love it.

Polo Shirt - Old Navy $7 after coupon in June - Still some colors left - check Petite and Tall for more sizes.

Denim Pencil Skirt - Chadwicks $12.75 after coupon - (size 12 and 18 left)

36 inch sterling chain- QVC
Bracelet - Silpada
Shoes -Aerosoles

Closeup of Skirt Pattern:


  1. i agree with hubby...you look fly, awesome and simply gorgeous. I love it

  2. Yes, that pencil skirt is sexy!

  3. I love that color combo (I just went to a gorgeous wedding that was black, yellow and white believe it or not!) and those pieces are so flattering on you!

    I feel the same way- isn't it just the beginning of July?!

  4. You definitely did something right - this looks awesome on you!

  5. Thanks everyone! :-)

    AsianCajuns (not sure which one of you this is LOL) - that sounds like a BEAUTIFUL wedding. People are getting so creative with the colors - I love it.

  6. I totally love how you put together the outfit. Its really pretty.
    Wait...Its already august?..which means just 4 more months to Christmas..Yeay!!!


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