OOTD August 24

The Stuff:
Tank - Walmart $5
Blouse - Loft $?
Pants - Talbots $25
Shoes - Amazon.com $16
Sweater - Talbots $24
Necklace - Silpada


  1. love your outfit and your jackie inspired cardigan. as you know, i am crew crazy, but i did buzz past talbots and saw they had some wonderful cardigans and trench coats. I made the mistake of buying talbots coats in misses and they fit really weird. I am going to try them in petites to see if it works this year.

  2. Cute Cute Cute top! I gotta check Silpada, all your pieces are so pretty

  3. love the color of the sweater. it really stands out against the brown top

  4. patina - but the crew looks so good on ya. when you find a brand that works, you should def buy it! for me, Talbots has been a lifesaver. I do wear the petites, the misses don't fit me at all either.

    Thanks MissMasala - I do love my Silpada. Their silver and stone combos are lovely.

    GodMademe- thanks! - I am all about the "pop" of color. :-)hehe :-P

  5. The color combination really shows off the lovey shade of the cardigan!

  6. Love the pink in the outfit. I think those two colors work very well.
    But it's a pitty not to have your smile today :)

  7. Bright colors look so nice on you...and I love the pattern of the top!

  8. Your cardigan is the perfect touch!

  9. Thank you Jess, Watergirl, Sher and Nurmisur.

    Nurmisur - I will make up with my photo today believe me, I cut this one because it was not a smiling face LOLOL.


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